Google Earth Pro print options advanced formating

When Google Earth Pro was first made available for free we had a look at the advanced printing options in Google Earth Pro that are not found in the standard version.

We recently had an enquiry from a GEB reader about how to change the background colour of the Title element. This YouTube video from Google gives some idea about what is possible and points out that the HTML Area element can contain just about anything that can be done with HTML, including an external website. However, it doesn’t mention that the Title and Legend elements can also be styled with HTML and CSS.

If you want a fancy title, one easy solution is to simply turn off the title element and use the HTML Area element instead, as that is easier to work with. However, if you want more than one section of text on your map you may find it easier to use both.

To change the background colour or transparency of the Title element, have a look at the contents of the HTML Area element element to get an idea of how it works there. The HTML Area element has a DIV with an id of ‘white_box’. It turns out that both the Title and the Legend boxes also have an identical DIV.

So for example, if you want to get rid of the background in the Title element simply edit the element and paste the following text anywhere. We recommend putting it at the end of the description for neatness.


The above also changes the heading and description to white to make them more visible. Note that the heading can be styled with the H1 tag and the description using the P tag.

The Legend element works exactly the same way – simply paste the above or your own styles into any of the legend entries.

Unfortunately, it seem that CSS gradients are not supported.

If you spend a long time working on the print settings be sure to save them, as they will otherwise be lost when you exit Google Earth Pro.

The above Title was formatted by adding the following text to the description:

<style>#white_box {background-color: #a2d7d8;border:5px #fcd059 solid;border-radius:20px}h1{color:#de5842;text-align:center}p{color:black;text-align:center;font-style:italic;font-weight:bold}</style>

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