Google Earth 3D imagery progress

Google continues to push out new 3D imagery on a regular basis. However, an increasingly large proportion of it is updates to areas that already had 3D imagery. The updated areas are generally better quality and certainly welcome, but it does mean there is a noticeable decline in the amount of new area covered each month.

New area in square kilometres of 3D imagery covered by month. Note that we have not yet included all of the January and February, 2016 areas.

To see the area covered by 3D in Google Earth download our KML map.

We used to use the helpful online tool at Zonum Solutions to calculate the areas. However, it has a file size limit that our KML file has exceeded and a few other issues which make using it for our particular requirement quite tedious. So this time we used the area functions found in GeographicLib to do the calculations.

The US has almost double the area of 3D imagery of the rest of the world put together.

Country Km2
Argentina 1,417
Australia 3,578
Austria 2,717
Belgium 2,511
Brazil 5,114
Bulgaria 1,946
Canada 13,145
Chile 1,146
China 158
Czech Republic 3,262
Denmark 1,326
Finland 860
France 22,012
Hungary 3,062
Germany 17,989
Greece 911
Ireland 197
Italy 19,799
Japan 14,069
Kosovo 82
Luxembourg 126
Malta 176
Mexico 4,614
Montenegro 81
Netherlands 294
New Zealand 706
Norway 4,641
Philippines 714
Poland 2,858
Portugal 5,455
Puerto Rico 638
Romania 2,518
Spain 17,690
South Africa 1,458
Sweden 1,285
Switzerland 4,043
United Kingdom 11,195
United States 325,290
US State Km2
Alabama 8,575
Alaska 580
Arizona 8,394
Arkansas 3,671
California 35,875
Connecticut 2,790
Colorado 6,321
Delaware 525
Florida 25,144
Georgia 12,730
Hawaii 956
Idaho 1,646
Illinois 6,698
Indiana 6,797
Iowa 3,718
Kansas 4,789
Kentucky 2,723
Louisiana 5,970
Massachusetts 7,610
Maine 1,968
Maryland 2,106
Michigan 10,192
Missouri 5,317
Minnesota 6,693
Mississippi 4,392
Montana 1,348
Nebraska 1,696
Nevada 2,244
New Hampshire 1,513
New Jersey 2,509
New Mexico 2,111
New York 11,895
North Carolina 14,638
North Dakota 1,106
Ohio 10,107
Oklahoma 3,872
Oregon 5,404
Pennsylvania 7,700
Rhode Island
Tennessee 10,400
Texas 27,524
South Carolina 9,405
South Dakota 796
Utah 4,594
Vermont 261
Virginia 7,348
Washington 9,166
Wisconsin 9,914
West Virginia 2,347
Wyoming 1,212

Note that some 3D areas overlap borders and the areas are recorded in the country/state where the bulk of the 3D lies. So Rhode Island State, for example, does have 3D imagery but it is part of a large area mostly in Massachusetts.

Thank you to all the GEB readers that find new areas and a special thanks to the GEB readers who draw new areas for inclusion in our map. New areas are noted in the comments of this post. If you wish to submit outlines please first read through the instructions found here.

About Timothy Whitehead

Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


  1. The number of yellow triangle icons in the Voyager 2 layer seems to have decreased, but does anyone know whether the icons indicate updated and/or new imagery?

    The satellite imagery updates in Voyager 2 have stalled, with known updates not shown, added to which satellite imagery may show an unwelcome decrease in resolution and colour quality when 3D imagery is added in an area.

    Is any reasonably comprehensive map of satellite imagery updates still in operation?

  2. b2322858 says:

    Will google earth plan new 3D imagery in other Asian city in the future? It seems that most 3D imageries distribute mainly in North America and Europe.


  3. If on Google Earth 3D is missing for one the most castle in europe, how to report ? Thanks

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