Archives for February 2016

Street View comes to Réunion

Réunion, a French Island in the Indian Ocean not far from Mauritius, has recently received Street View. We found that although the coverage shown by the blue lines is quite extensive we were not able … [Read more...]

Ghostly planes in Google Earth 3D imagery

We recently came across this story about what at first sight appears to be a plane at the bottom of a lake. Today we are looking at how this 'ghosting' effect comes about. The two 'ghostly planes' … [Read more...]

Classifying placemarks by region

As we mentioned in yesterday's post we have been working on a bit of code to determine whether or not a placemark lies inside a polygon. We believe we have got it working and thought it might be … [Read more...]

Converting Shape files to KML with Google Earth Pro

We have been working on some code to determine whether or not a placemark lies inside or outside a polygon. We thought a nice use for that code would be to determine what country a placemark is in. … [Read more...]

Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival in Google Earth

Here at GEB we have traditionally celebrated the new year with a Google Earth fireworks animation created by Steven Ho. This past new year we decided to expand on the idea by allowing you to create … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D imagery progress

Google continues to push out new 3D imagery on a regular basis. However, an increasingly large proportion of it is updates to areas that already had 3D imagery. The updated areas are generally better … [Read more...]

Fixing our circles

Earlier this week we posted a JavaScript tool for drawing circles in Google Earth. We noted that it didn't seem to be accurate and assumed it was because some of the calculations were being done by … [Read more...]

Space Engine – to Infinity and Beyond

I still remember the first time I used Google Earth and how my sense of wonder grew as I realized the amazing capabilities of the program to portray our planet Earth at new levels of detail with a … [Read more...]

Drawing circles in Google Earth

In our recent post about LIGO and other large scientific instruments we mentioned that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland is underground. We know that it is circular and we … [Read more...]

Radio Telescopes in Google Earth

Yesterday we had a look at some very large scientific instruments that can be seen in Google Earth. Today we are looking at telescopes. Optical telescopes come in sizes up to 10m in diameter, which is … [Read more...]