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The best of Google Earth for January 2016

We kicked off the year by mapping the coverage of satellite imagery dated 2015. We also had a look at a number of sights from 2015 imagery, including the Bento Rodrigues dam disaster and a number of … [Read more...]

Miniature Street View

Miniature Wunderland is claimed to be the largest miniature model railway in the world. So, how do you go about capturing Street View of a miniature railway? With miniature cameras on miniature Street … [Read more...]

A Google Map Image Overlay in Google Earth

Last year, when experimenting with Google Earth popups we created a popup with a Google Map in it. It was intended only as a demonstration of the functionality of Google Earth popups, and not as a … [Read more...]

Ant Cities from Space

We recently came across this article about an area near the Grand Canyon where you can see circular patches of bare ground in the imagery. The bare patches are believed to be caused by ant nests and … [Read more...]

Google Earth Pro layers being dropped

Google Earth Pro has a set of three layers that are not found in the standard version of Google Earth. They are "US Demographics", "US Parcel Data" and "US Daily Traffic Counts". As the names suggest … [Read more...]

Google Earth ‘Rainbow Planes’ Inspire Art

Fast moving objects, such as aircraft, when seen in satellite imagery often show ghosting or a 'rainbow effect'. This is caused by the way satellite cameras work taking several photos in succession … [Read more...]

ArcGIS Earth from Esri

Esri has just released version one of ArcGIS Earth, a Google Earth like 3D globe for the desktop. It is not really a Google Earth competitor, as it is targeted at the professional GIS user. Google … [Read more...]

Understanding Google Earth Ocean Floor Data

With the recent update to the Google Earth ocean floor data it is worth having a look at some of the patterns we can see and what causes them. In the past, some of the patterns have been mistaken for … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update mid-January 2016

Google Earth has received an imagery update recently, with the new imagery showing up in 'historical imagery' in the last couple of days. Until recently the most recent image was from November 30th, … [Read more...]

Another look at the new Google Earth Ocean data

Last week we talked about a recent update to the Google Earth ocean floor data. As we mentioned in that post, the ocean floor data is a combination of data obtained from satellites and published by … [Read more...]