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The Google Earth API gets a temporary reprieve

We recently received some good news. We heard from Google’s Earth team that the Google Earth API will not be shut down on December 12th, 2015 as previously announced but will be kept running a bit longer. We have been told it should remain active at least until the end of the year. This is great news for those of us who utilize it for various tasks. It doesn’t significantly affect most web applications that have depended on it, as they will eventually still have to seek alternative solutions.

Please note that we are talking about the Google Earth API, which is a way to display Google Earth in the browser and control it using JavaScript. Google Earth, both the desktop and mobile applications, are not going to be shut down at any point in the near future.

To celebrate the fact that the Google Earth API will still be active over Christmas we have decided to bring back the Google Earth version of Santa Tracker.

The original creators of the Google Earth Santa Tracker, Google and NORAD, parted ways a few years ago and created rival Santa Trackers that are web based and do not use either Google Earth or the Google Earth API. You can find their trackers here: Google Santa Tracker, NORAD Santa Tracker.

For more on the history of tracking Santa see this post from last year.

We will attempt to produce a Santa Tracker that will be available both via the Google Earth API and directly in Google Earth using network links.

About Timothy Whitehead

Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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