Maintaining our map of 3D areas

Yesterday we had a look at the progress made by Google in releasing 3D imagery for Google Earth. For this we used this KML map that we maintain that shows the areas covered by 3D imagery. This has been made possible with the assistance of a number of dedicated GEB readers who have contributed to our map. Until recently the outlines were being drawn by GEB reader Anton Rudolfsson, who also came up with the idea of the timeline section. He has had to stop drawing outlines due to other commitments. A big thank you to him for his contributions.

Since then a number of other readers have been sending in KML outlines which we incorporate into the master KML file. A big thank you to all these contributors. Also a big thank you to all the 3D hunters who find new 3D areas and let us know about them. Until now, they have been using the comments in this post to report the locations of new finds. However, there are now so many comments that it is becoming difficult to scroll to the end, so we would like to ask all contributors to start using the comments in this post from today onwards. In addition, please try and keep comments to a minimum just noting new areas covered with 3D or for messages to fellow 3D hunters. If you have any questions for us or notes about errors in the KML, please email us directly if possible, using either the Contact us page or my email address: timothy at

If you wish to submit outlines please first read through the instructions found here.

Combining the outlines we receive into the master KML file is largely a manual process. We have created scripts, such as this one, to make it easier to do this, but it is still laborious. However, given the positive feedback from GEB readers we believe it is worth the effort.

As various 3D areas are expanded and merged, getting the outlines correct can be quite complicated.

About Timothy Whitehead

Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Maybe it would just be better to report new findings on latest post? A month or two from now, how am I supposed to conveniently find this particular post to make a report?

  2. I agree.

    For the sake of posterity, I think we should continue updating the original thread of comments. Getting to the most recent comment is easy enough, just tap the ‘End’ key on your keyboard and you’re taken right to the bottom of the page.

  3. First Update on this page!

    Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    North Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    West of Chicago, IL

  4. Expansion to Minneapolis, MN imagery
    Blue Springs, MO/Expansion south of Olathe,KS
    Expansion North of Des Moines, IA

  5. Leominster, MA

  6. Gold Coast, Australia

  7. The KML area of actualization to Mataró is not completed all.

  8. Arroyo Grande, CA

  9. The 3d area for Black Rock City, Nevada is gone.

  10. Pekin, IL
    Eden Prairie, MN

  11. Jonathan Rosas says

    Columbia, MO Updated and Extended Area
    Louisville, KY Updated and Extended Area

  12. Innsbruck (Austria) ,updated and extended area.

  13. Brownsburg, IN, updated and extended area

  14. Cleveland,OH, updated and extended area

  15. Lincoln, NE, updated and extended area

  16. Page, AZ, new area

  17. San Juan, Puerto Rico

  18. Peterborough, Ontario Update
    Guelph, Ontario
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Bristol, CT
    Asheville, NC
    Greenville, NC
    Belvidere, IL
    Plymouth, MN
    Coon Rapids, MN

  19. Visalia, CA, update and extension

  20. Puyallup, Washington updated and extended area.
    Kent, Washington updated and extended area.
    Maple Valley, Washington updated and extended area.

  21. ChrisAjayi says

    Enumclaw, WA

  22. Wrocław, Poland

  23. Hi, Timothy please add Joso, Japan.

  24. Hachioji, Japan, update and extension

  25. North of Valencia, Spain, now in 3D.

  26. According to spreadsheet: Torreón, Mexico

  27. Broomfield, Colorado updated area and extended area.

  28. Gijón (Spain), updated and extended area.

  29. Norwich, United Kingdom — Updated & extended area.

    Note the fantastic improvement in 3D image quality, especially around Norwich Airport. The RAF military aircraft in the Norwich Airport Museum at the northern part of the airport are just stunning! You can easily see the RAF roundels and read the ‘USAF’ lettering. I am thoroughly impressed with the improvement!

    Looks like Google is upping the competition with Apple Maps & Windows Maps.

  30. Bergen (Norway), updated and extended area.

  31. Jacksonville, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  32. Sacramento, California updated and extended area.

  33. Aubry, Kansas
    Stilwell, Kansas
    Belton, Missouri
    Raymore, Misouri
    Loch Lloyd, Missouri
    Lake Winnebago, Missouri
    Blue Springs, Missouri
    Lake Tapawingo, Missouri
    Indepedence, Missouri

  34. Chantilly, Virginia

  35. Napa, California updated and extended area.
    Cuttings Wharf, California
    Merazo, California
    Middleton, California
    Thompson, California
    Rocktram, California
    Imola, California
    Vichy Springs, California
    Atlas, California
    Yountville, California

  36. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by county Blue Springs, Missouri is gone
    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Olathe, Kansas is gone.

  37. Sioux Falls, South Dakota updated and extended area.

  38. Mankato, Minnesota updated and ectended area.

  39. Bend, Oregon updated and extended area.

  40. Tuscaloosa, Alabama updated and extended area.

  41. Lansing, Michigan updated and extended area.

  42. Bay City, Michigan updated and extended area.

  43. Jonathan Rosas says

    In Sendai, Japan, 3D imagery now is gone

  44. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country, Wroclaw, Poland is gone.

  45. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country, San Juan, Puerto Rico is gone.

  46. Hi, Timothy in outlines, sorted by country, Betera, Spain is gone.

  47. Holland, Michigan updated and extended area.

  48. Bradford, Canada updated and extended area.
    Innisfil, Canada, Updated and extended area.

  49. Erie, Pennsylvania updated and extended area.

  50. Sheboygan, Wisconsin updated and extended area.

  51. Waterloo, Iowa updated and extended area.
    Cedar Falls, Iowa updated and extended area.

  52. Hi, Timothy please add Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  53. Sioux Falls, North Dakota updated and extended area.

  54. Fortuna Foothills, Arizona updated and extended area.
    Yuma, Arizona updated and extended area.

  55. Paso Robles, California updated and extended area.

  56. Hi, Timothy please add Giurgiu, Romania
    Hi, Timothy please add Ruse, Bulgaria

  57. Clarksville, Tennessee updated and extended area.

  58. Springfield, Illinois updated and extended area.

  59. Bloomington, Illinois updated and extended area.

  60. Hamilton, Ontario
    Windsor, Ontario
    Akron, OH
    Salem, MA
    St Clair Shores, MI
    Sarasota, FL

  61. Barcelona (Spain) new updated.

    • Great news! They’ve FINALLY added 3D imagery for the huge patch in the middle of downtown Barcelona. Now the city is complete and looks gorgeous!

  62. Queretaro, Mexico

  63. Ferrol (Galicia) new updated.

  64. Castellón de la Plana, (Comunidad Valenciana) new updated.

  65. O’Fallon, MO
    Fairview Heights, IL
    Gretna, NE

  66. Kelowna, British Columbia

  67. South of Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana) new area.

  68. Albacete (Castilla-La Mancha) extended area.

  69. Granada (Andalucía) updated and extended area.

  70. Almeria, Spain, extended area

  71. La Manga, Spain

  72. Sherbrooke, Quebec

  73. Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

  74. Trois Rivieres, Quebec
    Sherbrooke, Quebec

  75. Mexicali, Mexico

  76. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Sacramento, California extended area is gone.

  77. Richmond, Virginia updated and extended area.

  78. Portland, Maine updated and extended area.

  79. Schenectady, New York updated and extended area.

  80. Rochester, New York updated and extended area.

  81. Scranton, Pennsylvania updated and extended area.

  82. Anderson, Indiana updated and extended area.

  83. Fort Wayne, Indiana updated and extended area.

  84. Jackson, Michigan updated and extended area.

  85. All updated and expanded:
    Billings, MT

  86. Muncie, Indiana

  87. Redding, California updated and extended area.

  88. Wilmington, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  89. Olbia, Italy updated area.

  90. Sibiu, Romania updated area.

  91. Birmingham, England updated area.

  92. Naples, Italy updated area.

  93. Mons, Belgium updated area.

  94. Killeen, Texas updated and extended area.

  95. Montana, Bulgaria extended area.

  96. Lille, France updated area.

  97. Lyon, France updated area.

  98. San Jose, California updated area.

  99. Chico, California updated area.

  100. Yuba City, California updated area.

  101. Grand Junction, Colorado updated area.

  102. San Bernardino, California updated area.

  103. Las Cruces, New Mexico updated area.

  104. Streator, Illinois updated area.

  105. Florence, Alabama updated area.

  106. Mableton, Georgia updated area.

  107. Dover, Delaware updated area.

  108. Glens Falls, New York updated area.

  109. Hi, Timothy please add Manchester, Connecticut.

  110. East Hartford, Connecticut updated and extended area.

  111. Manchester, New Hampshire updated area.

  112. Beeghly Heights, Florida updated area.

  113. San Luis Potosi, Mexico updated area.

  114. Puebla, Mexico updated area.

  115. Recife, Brazil updated area.

  116. Hickory, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  117. Dalton, Georgia updated and extended area.

  118. Chattanooga, Tennessee updated area.

  119. Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia updated area.

  120. Great Falls, Montana updated area.

  121. Santander, Spain updated area.

  122. Shreveport, Louisiana updated area.

  123. Eau Claire, Wisconsin updated area.

  124. Bozeman, Montana updated area.

  125. Pocatello, Idaho updated area.

  126. Idaho Falls, Idaho updated area.

  127. Northen Jacksonville, Florida updated and extended area

  128. Atlantic Beach, Florida updated and extended area.

  129. Chatsworth, Georgia

  130. Jacksonville, Florida updated and extended area.

  131. Lakeside, Florida updated and extended area.

  132. Jacksonville (North), Florida updated area.

  133. Jacksonville (West), Florida updated and extended area.

  134. Jacksonville (South), Florida updated and extended area.

  135. Raufoss, Norway updated area as well as decrease of area.

  136. Moelv, Norway updated and extended area.

  137. Gjøvik, Norway updated area.

  138. Brno, Czech Republic updated area.

  139. Lillehammer, Norway updated area.

  140. Hi, Timothy please add Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  141. San Diego, California
    El Cajon, California

  142. L’Alcudia, Spain

  143. Sheffield, England updated area.

  144. Sharonville, Ohio updated and extended area.

  145. Hi, Timothy please add Williamsdale, Ohio.

  146. Apex, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  147. Hi, Timothy please add Morrisville, North Carolina.

  148. Erfurt, Germany, update and extension

  149. Hi, Timothy please add St Albans/Hemel Hempstead, UK.

  150. Piacenza, Italy updated and extended area.

  151. Lenoir, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  152. Hi, Timothy please add north of Valencia, Spain (Betera, Puzol) and Santiago de Queretaro in Mexico

  153. Durham, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  154. North of Castellón (Spain) : Borriol, San Juan de Moró, Cuesta de los Pinos,…

  155. Albacete (Spain) updated and extended area.

  156. Peniche (Portugal), now in 3D.

  157. İstanbul (Türkiye) updated and extended area. Thanks Google Earth

    • Jonathan Rosas says

      When i go to to Istambul, Turkey, is not 3D the city, Turkey does not have 3D cities yet.
      Turkey is not a new country.
      Maybe Istambul will became a new 3D city in 2016. Please be patient, Makam Masasi Takimlari!

  158. Jonathan Rosas says

    Toledo, Spain Updated and Extended Area
    Lochbuie, Colorado Updated and Extended Area

  159. Jonathan Rosas says

    New Findings in 2016
    Rancho Cucamonga, California updated and extended area.
    Yucaipa, California updated and extended area.

  160. Holly Springs, North Carolina, update and extended area

  161. Jonathan Rosas says

    Santa Cruz, California updated and extended area.
    Augusta, Georgia updated and extended area.
    Sayama, Japan
    Hirato, Japan updated and extended area.
    Arezzo, Italy updated and extended area.

  162. Jonathan Rosas says

    Jaen, Spain modified area (Including Torre del Campo).
    Nantes, France extended area (zone of Carquefou).

  163. Granada (Spain), updated and extended area.
    Albacete (Spain), extended area is not completed.

  164. ChrisAjayi says

    Brockton/Scituate, MA
    Trenton, NJ
    Elizabeth. NJ Expansion and Update
    Wylie, TX
    Woodbury, MN

  165. Alcira, (Spain) now in 3D.

  166. Torrevieja, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  167. Madrid, (Spain) updated area.

  168. ChrisAjayi says

    Reading, PA (Updated and Expanded area)
    Kalamazoo, MI (Updated and Expanded area)

  169. Münster, Germany — Now in 3D

  170. Fukuoka, Japan

  171. San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain

  172. ChrisAjayi says

    Oshkosh, WI Updated

  173. Auburn, NY

  174. Extension to the west of Columbus, OH
    Swansea, SC

  175. Waltham, MA
    Conroe/The Woodlands, TX

  176. Skiatook/Owasso, OK

  177. Quebec City, QC Canada

  178. Charleston, WV
    Hershey, PA

  179. Alzira, Spain — Now in 3D (South of Valencia, Spain)

  180. Roquetas del Mar (Spain), updated and extended area.

  181. Nashua, NH Expansion

  182. FYI the Wikipedia listing is back and on its own page:

  183. Manolache Alexandru says

    Sidcup (South-East London), England

  184. Manolache Alexandru says

    Lyon, France updated and extended area.

  185. Noblesville, IN.
    Welling, United Kingdom.

  186. Dayton, Ohio updated imagery
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana updated and extended imagery

  187. Manolache Alexandru says

    Shreveport, Louisiana updated and extended area.

  188. Pueblo, Colorado updated

  189. Manolache Alexandru says

    Forli, Italy updated and extended area.

  190. Manolache Alexandru says

    Texarkana, Texas updated and extended area.

  191. Manolache Alexandru says

    Tucson, Arizona updated and extended area.

  192. Manolache Alexandru says

    Appleton, Wisconsin updated and extended area.

  193. Colorado Springs, Colorado extended imagery plus Monument, Colorado/Air Force Academy.

  194. Manolache Alexandru says

    Florence, Alabama updated and extended area.

  195. Manolache Alexandru says

    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho updated and extended area.

  196. Manolache Alexandru says

    Sapporo, Japan updated and extended area.

  197. Manolache Alexandru says

    Kitami, Japan new area

  198. Manolache Alexandru says

    Milton Keynes, England

  199. Some of the very northern tip of the ‘removed’ section near Millbrae & SFO in San Francisco is back.

  200. Manolache Alexandru says

    Seneca, South Caroluna updated and extended area.
    Clemson, South Carolina updated and extended area.

  201. Hi Timothy, please add Los Cuarteros (Murcia, Spain) and Fukuoka (Japan).

  202. Manolache Alexandru says

    Tyrone, Georgia updated and extended area.
    Peachtree City, Georgia updated and extended area.

  203. Manolache Alexandru says

    Valdosta, Georgia updated and extended area.
    Troupville, Georgia updated and extended area.
    Remerton, Georgia updated and extended area.

  204. Manolache Alexandru says

    Town ‘N’ County, Florida updated and extended area.
    Westchase, Florida updated and extended area.
    Oldsmar, Florida updated and extended area.
    Tampa, Florida updated and extended area.

  205. Haverhill, MA
    Regina, SK Update and Expanded

  206. Sagunto, (Spain) now in 3D.

  207. Manolache Alexandru says

    Jacksonville, Florida updated and extended area.
    Lakeside, Florida updated and extended area.
    Middleburg, Florida
    Asbury Lake, Florida

  208. Gdańsk, Poland (including Gdynia and Sopot)

  209. Mantova, Italy

  210. Zwickau, Germany

  211. Solingen, Germany

  212. Manolache Alexandru says

    Lakeview, Texas updated and extended area.
    Pleasure Island, Texas updated and extended area.

  213. Just found a random 3d area near the village of Kapellen, Germany.

    • Lat/Long coordinates? I don’t see anything 3D in the vicinity.

      • Southeast of Mönchengladbach

        • Ah, I see it now. The search box was taking me to Geldern-Kapellen instead of Kapellen.

          That 3D imagery you found must have been added in the past couple of days. I was just looking at that area earlier this week and it was still 2D imagery.

          Hopefully it means that Düsseldorf, Duisburg, and Essen will finally get 3D imagery soon. 🙂

          • Yeah, I tried it and saw that it takes you somewhere completely different. 😀 Looks like they’re adding the Ruhr area in small pieces since it’s so dense.
            On the top of my wish list is Frankfurt though. And of course my home near Dresden, Germany. The 3d coverage ends 1 km before my house.

      • 51° 7’29.27″N

        Let me know if you found it.

  214. Manolache Alexandru says

    Hi, Johann the village is not in 3d.

  215. Manolache Alexandru says

    Hi, Johann please mention Roselle, Germany.

  216. Manolache Alexandru says

    Hmmm, I think you mean Rosellen, isn’t it?…

  217. Manolache Alexandru says

    Southern parts of Neuss, Germany.

  218. Webster, TX (New area)

  219. Manolache Alexandru says

    Gainesville, Florida updated and extended area.
    Tioga, Florida
    Jonesville, Florida
    Alachua, Florida

  220. Manolache Alexandru says

    Charleston, South Carolina updated and extended area.
    Johns Island, South Carolina
    Folly Beach, South Carolina
    Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

  221. Since everybody is confused about the 3D area I mentioned as “Kapellen, Germany”. In the area is a town included named Kapellen, however, if you put it in the search bar it takes you to another place in Germany called Kapellan which I was unaware of. I’m drawing the outlines right now and I’ve posted the coordinates somewhere in the comments above.

    Also, the area is NOT part of the city Neuss, just for the record.

  222. Comment to get notifications. This can be deleted.

  223. Manolache Alexandru says

    Poznan, Poland updated and extended area.
    Wilda, Poland updated and extended area.

  224. Manolache Alexandru says

    Buenos Aires, Argentina updated and extended area.

  225. Manolache Alexandru says

    Rimini, Italy updated and extended area.

  226. Kawasaki, Tokyo, Japan — Updated, no extension.

    Screenshot of the updated area:

    Tokyo Haneda International Airport looks great up close!

  227. Manolache Alexandru says

    Foley, Alabama updated and extended area.
    Magnolia Springs, Alabama updated and extended area.

  228. Manolache Alexandru says

    Wichita Falls, Texas updated and extended area.

  229. Roquetas del Mar, (Spain) updated and extended area.
    Albacete, (Spain) updated and extended area is not completed.
    Torrevieja, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  230. Manolache Alexandru says

    Salt Lake City, Utah updated and extended area.

  231. Manolache Alexandru says

    Salt Lake City, Utah updated and extended area.
    Bountiful, Utah updated and extended area.
    Ogden, Utah updated and extended area.

  232. Manolache Alexandru says

    Ostrava, Czech Republic updated and extended area.

  233. Manolache Alexandru says

    Deleted old area of Norwich, England

  234. Manolache Alexandru says

    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia, Spain is gone.

  235. Manolache Alexandru says

    Floris, Virginia updated and extended area.
    Chantilly Heights, Virginia updated and extended area.
    Hattontown, Virginia updated and extended area.
    Herndon, Virginia updated and extended area.

  236. Jaen, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  237. Manolache Alexandru says

    Small expansion in Huachipato, Chile.
    Small expansion in El Rosal, Chile.
    Small expansion in Andalien, Chile.

  238. Roquetas de Mar, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  239. Manolache Alexandru says

    Small expansion in Shoreland, Ohio.
    Small expansion in Point Place, Ohio.

  240. Manolache Alexandru says

    Small expansion in Burstwick, England.

  241. New Haven, CT
    Binghampton, NY
    Vandalia, OH
    St. Charles, IL
    Jackson, TN

    • That’s “Binghamton” (no P). Just remember, it’s Bingham-ton, as in a town named for Mr. Bingham, not Bing-hampton, like Southampton or East Hampton.

  242. Expansion north of Montreal

  243. Verona, Italy

  244. Lublin, Poland

  245. Gliwice, Ruda Śląska and Zabrze, Poland

  246. Rhodes, Greece

  247. Worle, UK

  248. Huelva, (Spain) updated area.

  249. Manolache Alexandru says

    Lakewood, Washington updated and extended area.
    University Place, Washington updated and extended area.
    Fircrest, Washington updated and extended area.
    Steilacoom, Washington updated and extended area.
    Tacoma, Washington updated and extended area.
    Midland, Washington updated and extended area.
    Parkland, Washington updated and extended area.
    Spanaway, Washington updated and extended area.
    Enchanted Island, Washington

  250. Manolache Alexandru says

    Concord, North Carolina updated and extended area.
    Harrisburg, North Carolina updated and extended area.
    Rocky River, North Carolina updated and extended area.
    Newell, North Carolina updated and extended area.
    Charlotte, North Carolina updated and extended area.
    Keasler Lake, North Carolina

  251. Manolache Alexandru says

    Estepona, Spain updated and extended area.

  252. Hi Timothy please add Hakata-ku (Japan)

  253. Manolache Alexandru says

    Liverpool, England updated and extended area.
    Hoylake, England
    West Kirby, England
    Thurstaston, England
    Meols, England
    Frankby, England
    Caldy, England

  254. Manolache Alexandru says

    Toulouse, France updated and extended area

  255. Manolache Alexandru says

    Morioka, Japan

  256. Sapula, OK

  257. Manolache Alexandru says

    Victorville, California updated and extended area.
    Hesperia, California updated and extended area.
    Apple Valley, California updated and extended area.

  258. Manolache Alexandru says

    Saviano, Italy updated and extended area.
    Nola, Italy updated and extended area.
    Palma Campania, Italy updated and extended area.
    Marigliano, Italy updated and extended area.
    Naples, Italy updated and extended area.

  259. Manolache Alexandru says

    Athens, Georgia updated and extended area.

  260. Manolache Alexandru says

    Manchester, New Hampshire updated and extended area.

  261. Manolache Alexandru says

    Lucca, Italy updated and extended area
    Pisa, Italy updated and extended area

  262. Manolache Alexandru says

    Evansville, IN updated and extended area

  263. Manolache Alexandru says

    Dijon, France updated and extended area

  264. Borgo, (France) updated area.

  265. Manolache Alexandru says

    Killeen, Texas updated and extended area.
    Temple, Texas updated and extended area.
    Pendleton, Texas
    Troy, Texas

  266. Manolache Alexandru says

    Rochester, New York updated and extended area.
    Fairport, New York
    Webster, New York

  267. Manolache Alexandru says

    Odessa, Florida updated and extended area.
    Trinity, Florida updated and extended area.
    Keystone, Florida

  268. Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Foxborough, MA
    Bridgeport, CT

  269. Lexington, KY
    Leicester, England
    Aurora, IL

  270. Ancona, Italy

  271. Rostock, Germany

  272. Brescia, Italy updated and extended area

  273. Dunkerque, France

  274. Warsaw, Poland, extended area

  275. Manolache Alexandru says

    Novara, Italy updated and extended area

  276. Has anybody else noticed that in Lexington, Kentucky the new 3D imagery takes away the Lexington Financial Tower? It makes me fairly mad too because it seems as if Google does not have the time to critique something on that grand of scale.

  277. Manolache Alexandru says

    Avon, CT updated and extended area.
    Simsbury, CT
    Granby, CT

  278. Guadiaro, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  279. Manolache Alexandru says

    Johnstown, Pennsylvania updated and extended area

  280. Manolache Alexandru says

    Marbella, Spain updated and extended area

  281. Manolache Alexandru says

    Verdon Gorge, France NEW AREA

  282. Manolache Alexandru says

    Small expansion in Waterford, Wisconsin.

  283. Bournemouth, UK — Update and extension

  284. Manolache Alexandru says

    Antwerp, Belgium updated and extended area

  285. Manolache Alexandru says

    Fairfield, CA Update & Extension

  286. Manolache Alexandru says

    Vicenza, Italy Update & Extension

  287. Manolache Alexandru says

    Livorno, Italy Update & Extension

  288. Manolache Alexandru says

    La Crosse, Wisconsin Update & Extension

  289. Manolache Alexandru says

    Small expansion in Key Biscayne, Florida.

  290. Manolache Alexandru says

    Temecula, CA update and extension

  291. Munich, Germany update and extension

  292. Manolache Alexandru says

    Small area near Canberra International Airport, Australia

  293. Johan Karlsson says

    Sapulpa and Sand Springs, just west of Tulsa, OK, are in 3D. As is Aurora, IL. Party time! Excellent!

  294. Andrew (Alf) Leahy says

    Nasushiobara, Japan

  295. Manolache Alexandru says

    Yokohama, Japan updated and extended area.

  296. Manolache Alexandru says

    Gulfport, Mississippi updated and extended area.

  297. Tokyo Disneyland Resort — Small area updated

  298. Manolache Alexandru says

    Ulm, Germany updated and extended area.

  299. Manolache Alexandru says

    Abilene, Texas updated and extended area.

  300. Nikko, Japan — New area

    (New imagery only covers a valley on the northern outskirts of Nikko, Japan)

  301. Manolache Alexandru says

    Panama City, Florida updated and extended area

  302. Killeen, TX Expansion
    Granby, CT


    3D imagery finally added!

    • About time! They had every single city in the country besides Brussels and even updated them!

  304. Wuppertal, Germany

  305. Malaga, Spain, extended area

  306. Halle (Saale), Germany

  307. Potsdam, Germany

  308. BERLIN, GERMANY — Entire region updated, minor extension at southeast corner and northwest corner, plus extension at POTSDAM.

    Bloody great day for updates!

  309. East of Philadelphia
    Euclid, OH
    League City, TX

  310. Sevilla (Spain), updated area.

  311. Manolache Alexandru says

    Temple, Texas updated and extended area.

  312. Manolache Alexandru says

    Lille, France updated and extended area

  313. Manolache Alexandru says

    Avignon, France updated end extended area

  314. Manolache Alexandru says

    Firenze, Italy updated and extended area

  315. Manolache Alexandru says

    Taranto, Italy updated area

  316. Heidelberg, Germany — Update & extension (into Neckargemünd, Germany)

  317. Montpellier, France — Update, minor reduction of imagery at Guzargues, France.

  318. Timothy Whitehead says

    Burgos, Spain, update and minor extension

  319. Frankfurt, Germany

  320. Wiesbaden, Germany
    Mainz, Germany
    Kassel, Germany

  321. Düsseldorf, Germany

  322. Cartagena, Spain

  323. Monterrey, Mexico

  324. Pensacola, Florida

  325. Syracuse, NY

  326. Geneva, Switzerland extended area

  327. Mt Prospect, IL
    Syracuse, NY
    Zion, IL

  328. Watford, England

  329. Dinslaken, Germany

  330. Heidelberg, Germany, extension to the south

  331. Rotterdam, Netherlands

  332. Gary, Indiana

  333. Holyoke, Massachusetts

  334. Repentigny, Quebec

  335. Cutler Bay, Florida

  336. Lake Charles, Louisiana

  337. Dortmund, Germany extended area (north)

  338. Ryan Keeney says

    Vienna, Austria update and slight northwest extension.

  339. Fuengirola, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  340. Seville, (Spain) updated area.

  341. Northampton, England

  342. Bari, Italy extended area

  343. Munich, Germany — Extension and updated imagery for entire city centre.

  344. Duisberg, Germany — New area
    Essen, Germany — New area
    Bochum, Germany — New area

  345. North St. Paul, MN
    Bedford, OH

  346. Frankfurt (Main), Germany

  347. Darmstadt, Germany

  348. Bucharest, Romania — Updated (no extension)

    Some of the outskirts have been reduced in various places. It looks like Google reprocessed the imagery for this area in the same way they did with Berlin a couple weeks ago, so now Bucharest looks cleaner and more detailed.

  349. Toni Müller says

    Erfurt, Germany — updated central area (no extensions)

  350. What happen with Iasi, Romania?

  351. Onda and Alcora (Spain) now in 3D.

  352. Harvey, IL

  353. Frankfurt, Germany, extended area (airport, western suburbs)

  354. Heraklion, Greece

  355. Bamberg, updated area.

  356. RusselMark says

    Manila, Philippines new 3D area!

  357. RusselMark says

    Melbourne, Australia, extended area

  358. RusselMark says

    not supported just Updated Rennes, France No Extension

  359. Boynton Beach, FL — New area

  360. Devils Tower, Wyoming

  361. Quincy, MA

  362. Manolache Alexandru says

    Hi, Timothy please add Santa Fe, Argentina.

  363. Please add Vilnius, Lithuania

  364. A thin strip just north of Easthampton, MA

  365. RusselMark says

    added Zamboanga, Philippines

  366. Chuluota, FL — New area

  367. Golden, Colorado extended area

  368. + Cádiz (Spain)

  369. Hanau, Germany

  370. London, UK — Extended area (South London, Crystal Palace)

  371. Forest Lake, MN
    Pittsburgh, PA expansion

  372. RusselMark says

    Bristol, UK

    • RusselMark says

      coming soon May 10

      • How do you know Bristol is coming on May 10th?

      • Can you please cite your source for that information?
        The spreadsheet on Google Docs has been updated and altered multiple times with “upcoming” locations and specific dates, but none of the locations you have listed have been added or updated yet.

  373. Madrid, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  374. Kaneohe, Hawaii

  375. Richmond Island in the Portland-Biddeford Area has been removed

  376. Deleted little of west Patos, Pontevedra (Spain).

  377. The updated and extended area of Madrid east is more big.

  378. Montreal, Canada — Updated around site of World Expo ’67 & Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (Canadian Grand Prix)

  379. Madrid, (Spain) central area updated.
    Castellón de la Plana, (Spain) The previous area in 3D now goes back again.

  380. Entire Walt Disney World site at Orlando, FL removed!
    That specific area was just updated a few weeks ago with some of the best 3D imagery that Google has added, but for some reason all that brand new imagery was removed. I wonder why.

  381. Charlotte NC and most of it metro is gone (what the heck going on?!?)

  382. Denver, Colorado reverted back to its old 3D imagery, I’ve never seen that happen befor. Why is it doing this!?

    • Denver is currently showing the latest imagery for me. They might’ve swapped it temporarily.

      • No it is still old. The imagery before it reverted was from 2015. Currently it is showing 2013. Here is what the removed 2015 imagery looked like from the west of Union Station. Notice the missing buildings in the current imagery.

  383. London, UK — Extended Area (Olympic Park, Stratford, Barking)

  384. Norwalk & Stamford, CT
    Lansdale, PA/Expansion of Philadelphia

  385. Expansion to the east of Dayton, OH

  386. Jonathan Rosas says

    In Lyon, France there is a easter egg: In Stade des Lumieres and his surroundings, after a period of time, disappears some textures in 3D imagery.

  387. Expansion to Little Rock Vicinity (Ironton and Scott), Arkansas

  388. Plainfield Ill

  389. It appears that they removed a sliver of 3D near Victorville,CA

  390. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  391. Valencia, Spain

  392. Durban, South Africa

  393. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil extended area

  394. Manaus, Brazil

  395. Belo Horizonte, Brazil extended area

  396. Brasilia, Brazil extended area

  397. Daytona Beach, FL

  398. Castellón de la Plana, (Spain) return to ancient 3D area.

  399. Krugersdorp, Roodeort (South Africa)

  400. Hastings, MN

  401. also Arecibo in Puerto Rico

  402. Update and slightly extended area São Paulo, Brazil

  403. Update and slightly reduced area Florianópolis, Brazil
    Update and slightly extended area Santos, Brazil
    Slightly reduced area Salvador, Brazil
    Reduced area Recife, Brazil

  404. Rethimno, Greece

  405. Expansion to Honolulu, HI

  406. Texas City/Alvin/Rosenberg, TX

  407. Mihaela Gabriela says

    Hi, Timothy please add these updates and Escatawpa, Mississippi to the “3DMeshLocationsNetworkLink”

  408. Washington DC except the area surrounding the National Mall.

  409. Wiesbaden, Germany extended area

  410. Portland, TX

  411. Miami Gardens, FL

  412. Decatur, AL

  413. Waterbury, CT
    New Carlisle, OH
    Decatur, AL
    Deltona/Sanford, FL
    Miami Gardens, FL

  414. Arkansas Pass/Rockport, TX

  415. Meridianville, AL

  416. Milton, FL

  417. Los Banos, CA

  418. Melbourne,. Australia extended area

  419. Eastern suburbs of Cape Town; South Africa

  420. Pretoria, South Africa extended area

  421. Okazaki, Japan

  422. Toyohashi, Japan

  423. Looks like they deleted all the 3d imagery on the Mediterranean coast including Barcelona, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Valletta, Rome, Genova, Napoli and many others.

    • But that’s only for Google Earth.The imagery is still present on Google Maps

    • Nevermind, everything works fine now. It must have been some bug; sorry for spamming 🙁

  424. Kōchi, Japan

  425. Alès, France

  426. Matthews, NC

  427. someone 1 says

    The Olympic venues in Rio got new 3d. And new imagery too.

  428. Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain

  429. Monument Valley

  430. Huntsville, AL

  431. Cork, Ireland

  432. Meung-sur-Loire, France

  433. Chateaudun, France

  434. Mesa Verde National Park

  435. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

  436. Pinnacles National Park

  437. Washington D.C. is gone.

  438. North and East of Round Rock, TX

  439. Canyonlands National Park
    38° 8’55.30″N 109°47’24.39″W

  440. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

  441. Talcy, Loir-et-Cher, France

  442. Bouges-le-Chateau, France

  443. Richland, WA

  444. Corpus Christi, TX

  445. Bentonville, AR

  446. Oporto, updated imagery of south.

  447. Pedreguer, Spain, now in 3D.

  448. Ronda, Spain

  449. Glasgow, Scotland

  450. York, England

  451. Amboise, France

  452. Lassay-sur-Croisne, France

  453. Château du Rivau, France

  454. Château de Montpoupon, France

  455. Kofu, Japan

  456. Sungai Petani, Malaysia: NEW COUNTRY!!

  457. Charlemagne, Quebec Canada

  458. Girona, (Spain) updated area.

  459. Murcia, (Spain) updated area.

  460. Patras, Greece

  461. Kilkenny, Ireland

  462. Parow (Cape Town)

  463. Tralee, Ireland

  464. Capitol Reef National Park; Fruita, Utah

  465. Mount St. Helens, WA

  466. Expansion west of Hamilton, ON Canada
    Warminster, PA
    Englewood, OH

  467. Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain

  468. Fourways, Bryanston, Midrand, Johannesburg

  469. Coburg, Germany

  470. Athlone, Ireland

  471. Maidstone, England

  472. Fukuoka, Japan extended area

  473. Peterborough, England

  474. Terrebonne/Charlemagne, Canada (connecting Montreal and Repentigny)

  475. South of Oporto, (Portugal) updated and extension.

  476. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

  477. Aeropuerto de los Rodeos, (Spain)

  478. Mataró, (Spain) updated area.

  479. Ipoh, Malaysia

  480. Mount Fuji, Japan

  481. Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

  482. San Galo, (Switzerland) updated and extended area.

  483. El Paso, TX extended area

  484. St. Augustine, FL
    The area around Pittsburgh International Airport
    Bensalem, PA connecting Philadelphia with Trenton, NJ
    The area around Huntsville, AL International Airport

  485. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

  486. New Canaan, CT

  487. Saarbrucken, (Germany) updated area.

  488. Oporto, (Portugal) updated and extended area.

  489. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, (Spain) now in 3D.

  490. Alcalá de Henares, (Spain) now in 3D.

  491. Burgos, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  492. Salamanca, (Spain) updated area,

  493. Almería, (Spain) extended area.

  494. Ibiza, (Spain) now in 3D.

  495. Johannesburg, South Africa extended area (Germiston, Boksburg)

  496. Cork, Ireland extended area

  497. Bray, Ireland

  498. Snowdonia National Park, Wales, UK

  499. St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
    Saginaw, MI Update and expansion
    Utica/Troy, MI
    Monroe, LA update and expansion
    DeLand, FL
    Wilson, NC

  500. Deland, FL now in 3D.

  501. Latina, (Italy) updated area.

  502. Pamplona (Spain), updated area.

  503. Cartagena, (Spain) updated and minor extension.

  504. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Mentor/Painesville, OH
    New Kensington/Leechburg, PA
    Laurel/ Bowie, MD

  505. Cádiz, (Spain) updated and extended imagery.

  506. Lake Wylie, SC

  507. Getafe, (Spain) now in 3D and south-west of Madrid updated 3D area.

  508. Blainville, QC
    Brandon, MS

  509. Camas, Portland now in 3D.

  510. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

  511. Berna, (Switzerland) updated imagery.

  512. Bonn, Germany

  513. Angoulême, France

  514. New Brunswick, NJ

  515. Glastonbury, England

  516. Honfleur, France

  517. Granada, (Spain) updated area.

  518. Stow/Kent, OH
    Expansion East of New Haven, CT
    Coopersburg, PA
    Lockport, NY Update and Expansion
    Small Strip just to the West of Wake Forest, NC

  519. Venecia, (Italy) updated and extended area.

  520. Ciudad Real, (Spain) not updated imagery, only extended.

  521. None of the updates in Spain is of imagery, only little extended. Thanks.

  522. Sakata (Japan), found by the new version 3 of the voyager layer

  523. Nacogdoches, TX

  524. New Voyager Layer:
    Nacogdoches, TX
    Wilson, NC
    Cabot, AR

  525. Pleasanton. CA updated and extended area.

  526. Manolache Alexandru says

    Glacier National Park; St Mary, Montana

  527. Lassen Peak, California

  528. Manolache Alexandru says

    Update and slightly extended area Curitiba, Brazil

  529. Kassel (Germany), updated and extended area.

  530. Bremerhaven, Germany (updated and minor extension on Laven)

  531. Dresde, Germany (updated and extended area)

  532. Chemnitz, Germany (updated area)

  533. Bayreuth, Germany (updated area)

  534. Orléans, France

  535. Tours, France

  536. Wurzburgo, Germany (updated area)

  537. Toulon, France

  538. Ingolstadt, Germany (updated area)

  539. Ljubljana, Slovenia

  540. Augsburgo, Germany (updated area)

  541. Salzburgo, Austria (updated area)

  542. Paterson, NJ

  543. Heilbronn, Germany (updated area)

  544. Mannheim, Germany (updated and extended area)

  545. Érfurt, Germany (updated area)

  546. Tréveris, Germany (updated area)

  547. South Bend, IN

  548. Colonia, Germany (updated and extended area)

  549. Dormagen, Germany (now in 3D)

  550. Sarnia, Ontario

  551. Graz, Austria (updated area)

  552. Liberec, República Checa (updated area)

  553. Brno, República Checa (updated area)

  554. Praga, República Checa (updated and extended area)

  555. Passau, Germany

  556. Plymouth, England

  557. Guildford, England

  558. Füssen, Germany

  559. Bilbao, Spain (updated area)

  560. Vitoria, Spain (updated area)

  561. Zaragoza, Spain (updated and extended area)

  562. Asahikawa, Japan

  563. Koriyama, Japan

  564. Yonezawa, Japan

  565. Jerez de la Frontera, Spain (updated area)

  566. Nagano, Japan

  567. Klang, Malaysia

  568. Still Looking but here’s what I could find for Canada and the United States:
    Sarnia, ON
    Amherstburg, ON
    Burlington, ON
    Gatineau, QC Extension
    Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, QC/Delson, QC
    South Bend, IN/Niles, MI
    Livonia, MI
    Paterson, NJ
    Rockaway, NJ
    Holyoke, MA
    Bloomfield/South Windsor, CT
    Hyannis, MA Update and Expansion
    Altoona, PA
    Toms River/Brick/Long Branch, NJ
    Fairfax/West Springfield, VA
    Mooresville, NC
    Flagler Beach,FL expansion south
    Cocoa Beach, FL Expansion South
    Elyria/Lorain, OH
    North Chicago, IL
    Expansion West of Des Moines, IA
    Expansion South of Blue Springs, MO

  569. Helsinki, Finland Update and Expansion
    Expansion West of Manchester, UK

  570. Sandford, UK

  571. Palermo, Italy, reappeared and extended area
    Sheffield, UK, update and extension
    Leeds, UK, update and extension

  572. Weymouth, UK
    Ramsgate, UK

  573. Poitiers, France (updated area)

  574. Fontevraud-l’Abbaye, France

  575. Borgo and Bastia, France (updated area)

  576. Como, Italy (updated and extension)

  577. Lugano, Italy (updated area)

  578. Módena, Italy (updated area)

  579. Parma, Italy (updated area)

  580. North and east of Rome, updated and extended

  581. Pescara, Italy (updated and extended)

  582. Bonifacio, France

  583. Ryan W Keeney says

    Vienna, Austria and Carmel, Indiana update.

  584. San José, Spain

  585. Magog, QC

  586. Logroño, (Spain) updated area,

  587. Aachen, Germany

  588. Kiel, Germany

  589. Elche, (Spain) updated and extended area.

  590. Freising, Germany

  591. Enschede, Netherlands

  592. jonahrf1999 says

    Springfield,MA Hartford, New Haven updated and extended area including my home

  593. Mississauga/Oakville/Milton, Ontario
    Aurora/Newmarket, Ontario
    Kingston, Ontario Imagery Extension
    Expansion east of Ottawa, Ontario
    Sudbury, Ontario Update and Expansion
    Nanaimo, British Columbia
    Utica, NY update and expansion
    Springfield, MA
    Amherst Center, MA
    Gaithersburg, MD
    Westfield, IN

  594. Battle Creek, MI Update and Expansion
    New Bedford, MA Update and Expansion

  595. Manolache Alexandru says

    Brunswick, Germany (updated and extended area)

  596. Cumberland, Canadá (now in 3D).

  597. Germantown, Washintong DC (now in 3D)

  598. Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada. This is the first area in Maritime Canada

  599. Valladolid, (Spain) updated area.

  600. Osnabrück, Germany

  601. Ávila, (Spain) now in 3D.

  602. San Sebastian, (Spain) updated area.

  603. Kaiserslautern, Germany

  604. Tübingen, Germany

  605. Southampton, England

  606. Bayonne, France

  607. Lisbon, updated and extended area.

  608. Montijo, updated area.

  609. Thessaloniki, Greece

  610. Aldeia do Meco, now in 3D.

  611. Eindhoven, Netherlands

  612. Groningen, Netherlands

  613. Turku, Finland

  614. Cape Town, South Africa

  615. Tokushima, Japan

  616. Miskolc, Hungary

  617. Osijek, Croatia

  618. Zell am See, Austria

  619. Mont Saint-Michel, France

  620. Konstanz, Germany

  621. Preston (Lancashire), England

  622. Sunderland, England

  623. Leverkusen, Germany

  624. Berchtesgaden, Germany

  625. Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

  626. Here are all the ones I’ve noticed:
    North of Kingston, ON
    Kanata/Nepean, ON
    Quispamsis, NB
    Newburgh, NY
    White Plains, NY
    Princeton, NJ
    Lakehurst, NJ
    Freehold, NJ
    Glassboro, nj
    King of Prussia/West Chester, PA
    Hackettstown, NJ
    Columbia, MD
    Gettysburg, PA
    Warren, OH
    Steubenville/Toronto, OH
    Port St. Lucie/Stuart, FL
    Vernon Hills, IL
    Pontiac, MI
    Springfield, OH
    Santa Clarita, CA

    Southampton, England
    Coatbridge, Scotland
    Groningen, Netherlands
    Eindhoven, Netherlands

  627. Decatur, IL Update and Expansion
    Lima, OH Update and Expansion

  628. Bielefel, Germany (updated and extended area).

  629. Bremen, Germany (updated and extended area).

  630. Oldemburgo, Germany (updated and extended area).

  631. Check Tunis (Tunisia), the 3D imagery may have been removed.

  632. Wheres the New Stadiums

  633. The area of Marsella is not all covered.

  634. Nothing new lately huh?

  635. Hagen, Germany

  636. Schwerin, Germany

  637. Burghausen, Germany

  638. Madrid, (Spain) updated and extended area of west.

  639. Caen, (France) updated area.

  640. Wakayama, Japan

  641. Osaka, Japan extended area (south)

  642. Fujiyoshida, Japan

  643. Leuven, Belgium

  644. Zagreb, Croatia extended area

  645. Middletown, OH
    Cumming, GA
    North/West Palm Beach, FL
    Southwest Ranches/Miami Lakes, FL

  646. Dulles International Airport, VA

  647. Halifax, NS, Canada
    Farrell, PA
    Port Chester, NY
    Troy, OH
    Lancaster, CA

  648. Paisley, Scotland
    Expansion north and south of Glasgow, Scotland

  649. Mönchengladbach, Germany

  650. León, Spain (updated area).

  651. Punta Langosteira, (Spain) extended area.

  652. Wilmington, DE

  653. Red Deer, AB Canada
    Nottingham, UK

  654. Eastern side of Cushing, Oklahoma

  655. Ponce, Puerto Rico and extended area around Atlanta, Georgia.

  656. Spucky123r says

    Hergiswil, Arth and Schwyz in Switzerland

  657. The Hague, Netherlands
    Zoetermeer, Netherlands
    Dordrecht, Netherlands

  658. Bydgoszcz, Poland

  659. Spucky123r says

    Area around South Amboy, New Jersey

  660. Southern Stockholm, Sweden, but not the City Center.

  661. Tychy, Poland

  662. Naxos, Greece
    Rhodes, Greece extended area

    • someone had his House censored in the middle of the extended 3D area at 36°17’16.57″N 28° 9’55.06″E of course it is visible in the historical imagery.

      • Spucky123r says

        wow, I’ve never seen a house censored in 2D. Maybe a military base or so but a private house?!

  663. The rest of the metro area of Corpus Christi, Tx

  664. anonymous says

    How can I open the map??? It doesn’t work for me

  665. anonymous says

    Washington D.C. removed

  666. Spucky123r says

    i suggest you start to add updated areas within old areas as well, so you can see when they have been added. That would be very cool! (I just wanted to know about the new data that is completely within the old area in Würzburg, Germany)

  667. Oviedo, (Spain) updated imagery.

  668. Comb Reef and Bear’s Ears, southeast Utah

    • Also, a strip of canyon off to the east of the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park, Utah

  669. anonymous says

    Southern and Eastern Stockholm, Sweden

  670. Orléans, France extended area

  671. says

    Fukouka, Japan extended area west

  672. Russel ES Royeca says

    Kuching, Malaysia

    only one area?

  673. Russel ES Royeca says

    Minot, ND

  674. Manila, Philippines
    Iloilo, Philippines
    Bacolod, Philippines
    Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
    Baguio City, Philippines
    Zamboanga, Philippines
    Mabalacat, Philippines
    soon on June 12th
    Independence Day Google Earth 3D Areas

  675. Reprocessed and little extended 3D imagery of O Salnés and Barbanza, (Spain),

  676. Gijón, updated imagery (Spain).

  677. Stockholm, Sweden

  678. Alicante, updated imagery (Spain).

  679. Aljaraque, updated imagery (Spain).

  680. Sant Carles, new area 3D (Spain).

    • Spucky123r says

      All the cities you’ve mentioned have been added a long time ago or aren’t even in 3D…

      • I think Álvaro means Sant Carles de Peralta (actually in 3D) rather than Sant Carles de la Ràpita (the default search option for Sant Carles, Spain).

    • To prevent such confusion in the future, I suggest that the name of the administrative division also go into these entries.

  681. Belém, Brazil

  682. Maceió, Brazil

  683. Bristol, UK

  684. anonymous says

    Central Stockholm, Sweden

  685. Joinville, Brazil

  686. anonymous says

    Central Stockholm, Sweden removed

  687. Athens, Greece

  688. Castellón de la Plana, reprocessed 3D imagery (Spain).
    Torrevieja, reprocessed 3D imagery (Spain).

  689. Sungai Petani, Malaysia has been removed

  690. anonymous says

    Washington D.C. is back

  691. Ponce, extended area (Puerto Rico).

  692. Timothy Whitehead says

    Pulawy, Poland

  693. Santander, reprocessed 3D area (Spain).

  694. anonymous says

    London, England: minor extensions around Elm Park and Romford and a large chunk spanning from South Hackney to Tottenham Hale has been removed

  695. Puzol, reprocessed 3D imagery (Spain).

  696. Reutlingen, Germany

  697. Gent, updated area (Belgium).

  698. Lieja, updated area (Belgium).

  699. Landshut, Germany

  700. Hagen, Germany extended area

  701. Santorini, Greece

  702. Laredo, TX

  703. Rijeka, Croatia

  704. Murcia, Spain (updated and extended area).

  705. Barcelona, Spain (reprocessed imagery).

  706. Braga, Portugal (Reprocessed imagery).

  707. Are Google still adding 3D Imagery or are these places simply places which people have missed previously?

    • Frank Taylor says

      Google is still continuing to add 3D imagery as shown on the map. It is color coded according to year.

    • A more complete list of updates can be found on this spreadsheet:

      I have been checking the Balkans almost every day for the past two months with recent updates being for Craiova, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria which were updated last Friday (July 23rd).

      • Hey, just letting you know that the link was cut off a bit by this website so I had to go into the html to get it. Thanks very much by the way

  708. Ostende, (Belgium) coming soon in 3D.

    • How do you know this? If it is because of the new aerial imagery then Gütersloh, Germany is another likely future addition.

      • Because the aerial photo is new and looks like 3D in the future

        • Besides Gütersloh, I noticed a few days ago that Montevideo, Uruguay has high resolution aerial imagery from 2015.

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