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The best of Google Earth for October 2015

The biggest news for October was the release of Edition 2 of the Voyager layers. This included the introduction of a new layer called 'Animal View' and updates to the other layers. We colour coded the … [Read more...]

Halloween with Google Earth

With Halloween this Saturday it is a good time to dress up Google Earth with the pumpkin image overlay that Frank created back in 2006. Download the KML file here, which also includes enhancements we … [Read more...]

More about the Voyager layers

A couple of weeks ago Google updated the Voyager layers in Google Earth. We have already had a look at the new 'Animal View' sub layer and the updated 'Satellite imagery updates' layer. The 'Earth … [Read more...]

Google’s 3D is not just for cities

Google has been rolling out 3D imagery for over three years. The focus has been almost entirely on centres of population. However, there are a few places where Google has mapped interesting … [Read more...]

Drawing arcs with JavaScript

A couple of weeks ago Google updated the Voyager layer, adding a new sub-layer called 'Animal View'. The layer includes some nice arcs between placemarks. However, there is no automatic way to create … [Read more...]

Working with Landsat imagery

We recently came across this image from NASA's Earth Observatory, which shows smoke from fires on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Given the scale of the phenomena we thought it should be visible in … [Read more...]

Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia get Street View

Street View has been added to Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia. The last major additions prior to this one were the Philippines and shortly before that some Kenyan parks. We saw some 'historical Street … [Read more...]

What’s that image, Voyager Edition 2

With the recent release of the 'Voyager Edition 2' layers, including a map of recently added imagery, we can, as we have done for previous updates, have a look through the imagery to see if there is … [Read more...]

Seeing imperfect orthorectifcation in Google Earth imagery

Yesterday we talked about orthorectification and how it is imperfect, especially when using an inaccurate terrain model. We thought we would have a look at the effect using historical imagery. We used … [Read more...]

Google Earth measurement and image alignment

As we saw last week Google Earth's measuring tools are actually quite accurate when measuring distances based on latitude and longitude, and can even take altitude into account. However, many people … [Read more...]