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Street View in Kenyan parks

Google has released Street View for Samburu National Reserve and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Read more about it on Google’s Lat Long Blog. Be sure to watch the YouTube video as it shows the Street View camera being put on a vehicle as well as mentioning their use of network links in Google Earth to view live tracking data.

Street View changes from July 25th, 2015 to September 15th, 2015. Changes are marked in red. Large version.

As you can see above, the biggest changes to Street View since we last looked at it have been expansions to the Street View in Argentina.

As we discussed in this post, Google Earth doesn’t always show the blue outlines for Street View and Tanzania is one such location. The Street View is there, however, as can be demonstrated by locating it in Google Maps and then using our Street View to KML converter to open it in Google Earth.

To see the above elephant in Google Earth download this KML file

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