The Tour de France 2015 in Google Earth

In past years (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011), we have referred you to for maps of the Tour de France. However, it doesn’t seem to have the 2015 Tour.

The official site has a very basic map of the overall tour, and more detailed maps for each individual Stage, but it does not have an option to export to KML.

Thank you to GEB reader Chris, for letting us know about this article on which does include a KML of the tour (scroll down to the end of the article to find the KML).

The Tour de France runs from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th, 2015.

The elevation profile of Stage 20, which takes place in the Alps.

Once you have the map in Google Earth, you can easily get the elevation profiles of any stage. Simply right click on any of the coloured lines and select ‘Show Elevation Profile’. As we have mentioned in the past, elevation profiles are only as accurate as Google Earth’s elevation data and also tend to fail to take into account tunnels and bridges. Nevertheless, they can give you a good idea as to how much work the cyclists will have to do in a particular Stage.

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  1. thanks for the blog post, do you know if it’s possible to export the elevation data as a CSV?

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