New Google Earth Imagery – May 2015

Google has updated its ‘Monthly Google Earth Imagery Updates’ map to show the May 2015 updates. As always, this does not necessarily mean that the imagery in question was captured in May. For more on what the map shows see our Understanding Google’s Imagery Updates map series of posts.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Google Maps Gallery has removed all maps from Google Maps Engine from the gallery. This includes Google’s various imagery updates maps. However, since they usually use the same map and just update it each month, we already know the URL. In fact, there are two different maps they have used in the past and they updated both of them to show May’s updates. Map 1 Map 2.

Monthly Google Earth Imagery Updates – May 2015
Monthly Google Earth Imagery Updates – May 2015. Larger version.

To view it in Google Earth use this KML file.

We have already looked at a lot of interesting imagery in the May updates, including these posts:
The artwork of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Google Earth
Post-earthquake Imagery of Nepal in Google Earth
New Nepal Imagery following May 12th Aftershock
Oil Slick from Oil Platform Explosion in Google Earth
Sana’a Airport bomb damage
China building islands in the Spratlys
Rochelle/Fairdale Tornado Damage now Visible in Google Earth

If you come across any other interesting images, do let us know in the comments.

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Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Among the very few updates in the western parts of Europe there is one 17 km square of appalling quality around Annency in France where cloud cover obscures almost every ground feature – the worst I have seen in a well populated area, and high time that Google sorted out such quality issues!

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Yes, that image is quite bad. However the images it is replacing are not much better. Because of the mountains in the area, it must be quite difficult to get good imagery. There will either be snow cover, cloud cover, or shadows from the mountains.

      • Fair point, but the surroundings of Annency are not exceptional in that part of France where imagery is generally very clear, and the good 2009 imagery for the area is only slightly misty in Annency itself – perhaps due to its position at the head of the lake. This should be the default imagery, and its age is by no means uncommon in Europe, with the cloudscapes kept in historic imagery if Google feel it necessary. This would seem to be a case of simply not checking the imagery before uploading.

      • can pls update the map of masbate philippines. it will be very useful to us. especially in capturing those doing some illegal logging ang mining.. pls help us… thank you in advance…

      • Hi Timothy,

        Is there anyway i can view more recent imagery of St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Kromme river mouth. We are following the erosion of the dune which has a potential impact to the surrounding homes

  2. Nie ma Żadnych aktualizacji satelitarnych map w zachodniej Polsce, szczególnie w województwie lubuskim; przydałyby się budynki 3d. Miasta USA aktualizujecie po 10 razy w roku (zarówno mapy satelitarne jak i street view), a np. Bułgaria od 2012 roku nie może się doczekać normalnych zdjęć street view, tylko cały czas są te brzydkie zdjęcia z zimy z gołymi drzewami i brakiem zieleni, szarugą i ponurymi obrazami.

  3. No updates satellite maps in western Poland, especially in Lubuskie; would add to the 3D buildings. US Cities you update after 10 times a year (both satellite maps and street view), and such. Bulgaria since 2012 can not wait for normal photos street view, but we still have those pesky images of winter with bare trees and the lack of greenery, Szaruga and grim images.

  4. Sam Cusimano says

    I just want to know when Google Earth will return on my computer

  5. Meanwhile the sequence of updates has increased. Moreover the map which show update areas is totally insufficient and google has fallen short of those times where they provided a kmz for users.
    It’s time to say good bye and switch to Bing, Yandeks and Yahoo

  6. I have one last question in mind: I just watched at Komomolsk airport 50.594194° 137.085963°. Like in some other places you nearly find a day by day update in the history layer.
    Why does some places got so intensive update while others (e.g. the vital Navy Port Severodvinsk) are almost ignored? What is the politics behind it? Any ideas?

  7. MapMaker says

    Where you download KML files for each release updates? For a direct link to each release.

  8. lindo mapa

  9. They’re getting faster on turnaround (or they’re fudging the imagery dates). Vegas dated last March, and the previous update had Detroit dated last April.

  10. There were Google images updated in February 2015 for places in North Alabama but they were removed at the end of May 2015. Does anybody know why?

  11. Dr. Jerry says

    How do I get rid of Voyager. GE worked great before now it looks like a moonscape. Not a fan at all!!

  12. Barlig Geotahher says

    hello, pls..,can u update the image of Barlig Mountain Province, Philippines….thanks…

  13. Kyaw Swar Htun says

    I need googleearth app,but service automatically stopped

  14. Mekong Delta, Southeast of VietNam, there are 3 cities: MyTho, TanAn and BenTre. Please update new Images ASAP. I’ve been waiting for these update more 10 years already…hic…

  15. Is there a reason the ios Google Earth app hasn’t had an update since 2013?

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.