Another look at DigitalGlobe’s FirstLook coverage

Last week we had a look at Digital Globe’s FirstLook service and some imagery of the damage done by Cyclone Pam to Vanuatu.

We have been going through some of the locations from the DigitalGlobe FirstLook Coverage map and finding them in Google Earth. Some locations we have covered in the past such as:

There are, however, a few locations that we have not covered before that have relevant imagery in Google Earth and you can see the events in question. The ones we have found so far that you may find interesting are:

A train derailment in India
A train derailment in India.

Volcanic Eruption in Gifu and Nagano Prefecture, Japan
A volcanic eruption in Gifu and Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The 2014 Glastonbury Festival
The 2014 Glastonbury Festival.

May Day celebrations in Moscow
May Day celebrations in Moscow.

To find the above locations, and a few more interesting ones in Google Earth, download this KML file. You may need to move the ‘historical imagery’ slider to find the correct image(s). Remember that sometimes the event is captured on more than one date.

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