New Google Earth Imagery – November 3rd, 2014

In our month end post we mentioned that GEB reader ‘munden’ had found updated imagery. Thanks also to GEB readers ‘Mapmaker’, Frank, Georg, and Sladys for letting us know about additional areas in the comments and via email. Now, Google have updated their ‘latest Google Earth Imagery’ map, showing the date 3rd November 2014. However, the aforementioned areas are not part of this current update, so it seems that once again Google have skipped telling us about an update.

I found out about the current update because I got an email from Google’s Follow Your World app that lets you monitor locations you are interested in and my home town of Livingstone, Zambia, was part of the update.

Latest Google Earth Imagery
Latest Google Earth Imagery map – November 3rd, 2014. Larger version.

To view the map in Google Earth you can download this KML.

[Update: Thank you to GEB reader Maarten for letting us know that there was an update that we missed for October 21st, 2014 and for sending us a screen shot as seen below. ]

Google Earth Imagery map - October 21st, 2014
Google Earth Imagery map – October 21st, 2014. Larger version.

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Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Timothy – does the date of 3 November refer to the publication of the new updates map in the gallery, because as commented before the nap appears to display no date information?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Near the top left where there is a tick box, it does show the date if you hold your mouse over it (as shown in the screenshot in the post).

      • Many thanks for the tip, but as AC comments below, what a dumb non-intuitive thing to do for the sake of the ‘minimilist’ removal of just six very helpful digits (03.11.14 [or 11.03.14 US style]).

  2. I mentioned you that Berlin, Germany got an update but it isn’t showed in the kml from Google, it’s from September 5. 2014. One week before I was there over a weekend.

  3. Coincidentally yesterday I saw that the map in Google Maps Gallery showed an update of October 21st.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      I missed that. You didn’t happen to take a screen shot to share with us?

      • I did, but it’s quite small. I just mailed it to you.

      • The way Google is handling this is just sad (not to call it anything harsher…). I also checked yesterday and it showed Oct. 4th, so the Oct 21st must have been there only for a few hours. What is the point of publishing updates if you cannot check them in the future?

        An the fact that the new maps engine can’t even display the full map name (where the date is) is just a proof of the nonsense of minimalistic interfaces. A movie title came to my mind right away: “Dumb & Dumber”.

        I really miss the updated imagery KML file. It was simple and it worked!

        • PurpleHaze says

          Pah! This isn’t the only thing they are ruining. Once they got their hands on YouTube it has become almost Corporate Tube without the (You) attached.

  4. Romania – Tg Mures area sept. 2014 imagery

  5. Why in Poland does’nt aerial imagery from airplane?

  6. good

  7. The october update is wrong with the red update sites. It says an update in Denmark and Berlin. But that’s not true. It was this time November 3.
    I have used GE to examine Denmark and Germany and there were definately no update there.
    So you can’t rely on these update maps from Google.

    • Indeed, and was there ever any suggestion by Google that the alleged update date, when you could find it, actually related to the date when the imagery could first be viewed in Google Earth?

      But things seem to be getting even more ridiculous. In checking before posting this comment I revisited the updates map in the Gallery via a new search in Google, rather than use any saved link, and as far as I can see the ‘mouse over’ date (see Timothy’s comment above) has gone – more minimalism – but I would be pleased to be shown to be wrong!

  8. PurpleHaze says

    That’s because Google is more focused on stuff for Androids and ad sense killing off their own useful products.

  9. PurpleHaze says

    Oh and the reason why Google is giving us the finger in their updates is because the main tech industry thinks computers are dead so they are shifting if not already shifted to dumb phones and tablets which content needs to be dumbed down for their power levels as most of the mass just cares about texting and surfing for their favorite hip artist/video.

    People either grew up on the Commodore 64 and moved onto the PC/Macintosh or they grew up on game consoles *Sega* *Nintendo* and eventually split off into either the smell phone crowd as they aged into their 20s or young teenager ones moved over into the Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo groups not even LOOKING at PC’s except to surf at work which now phones can do.

    So in that mindset Google sees why develop for computers anymore?

    Hint. PC’s are not dead and have a LOT of potential but a lot of the main industry people didn’t get into computers because of Windows 3.1 which was rather lame if you didn’t understand a lot of the technical lingo so by the time Windows 98 came to make things easier most of that crowd moved onto PlayStation and Nintendo growing up as technical wizards catering to those groups.

    • A telling commentary, and, with the number of mobile devices worldwide now exceeding the number of desktops plus Google Maps being the most popular app for smart phones, not good news for those who do not want a dumbed down product.

      What, however, is difficult to find are statistics on the amount and nature of usage of Google map data by type of device (and it would be good if you or any other GEB reader could point to any) but my guess would be a distinct skew towards occasional straightforward ‘dumb’ use. But there is a truism and plenty of proof in conventional cartography that you cannot provide a good quality simple small scale map without underlying high quality large scale maps, and this has a direct parallel in Google map data. Dumb down too far, provide low quality information to the user, and there are plenty of rivals ready to take over.

      • Like what? Map Jack? They are done too!

        Bing sort of did an update and I even saw one of their cars in Salem Oregon back in June but still have a looooooooooooooong ways to go since they too are just as into *dumb* phones. Aka Windows 8 as Google is into.

        Windows 8 Microsoft really thought that everybody liked using touch screens but forgot there is still something called a *Middle Class* left that uses computers for businesses and usefulness and touch screens for texting if they use it at all.

        A lot of poorer people are getting into smart phones being lured into the lie of everything being *simpler* due to making smaller payments but in the long run it is just as expensive to feed a smart phone as it is to outright buy a computer which you don’t need to pay to turn on and software not dumbed down to handle the lower power.

        Another reason Google and Microsoft products are dumbed down is companies are into one thing. Spying for you’re information to give to the CIA,NSA and other third party companies but the industry is jumping the banda wagon into thinking EVERYBODY is into phones leaving those of us without one in the dark.

  10. google can still learn a lot from other providers like Yandeks.
    Compare Severodvinsk. Both sources (use History Layer in google) show an image from 18 June 2014.
    Yandeks colors are more realistic and brigther! It is beautiflus to see details.
    Why the hell google isn’t able to handle this ??????

  11. Rather big update Nov 8

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