New Street View imagery – Indonesia and Cambodia

We told you in April about Street View imagery in Cambodia around the temples of Angkor Wat. Now, Google have released imagery for much of the rest of Cambodia, as well as a significant amount in Indonesia, although the Indonesian imagery appears to be almost entirely on the islands of Java and Bali. Thanks to GEB reader IxBxTx for alerting us to the update.

According to this article Google set up a fleet of Street View cars in Indonesia, back in 2012. All the imagery I checked in both countries was dated some time in 2013, so maybe it has taken a while to process the imagery, or they had to wait for approval from local authorities. It apparently took 4 years to get approval in Greece which finally got Street View in June this year.

Street View Cambodia
Interesting transportation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Street View Indonesia
A scenic roundabout in Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Street View coverage for Cambodia. Note that Thailand already had Street View.

Street View coverage for Indonesia.

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  1. Couragecougar says:

    The same is happening in India? Cause a big fleet of google cars were taking pictures but only some tourist atractions were realeased.

    • Micah Walton says:

      India regulators wont let it come out. From my trip to India I’ve never been to any country as corrupt as it in the entire world. You have to bribe police simply to park. There are so many regulations you have to bribe regulators just to open any kind of business. My guess is Google isn’t bribing them so it probably wont ever get released.

  2. Para cuando, Street View…desde barco, para empezar la costa de España..

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