YoubeQ adds new languages, vehicles, places and more

We first told you about YoubeQ nearly three years ago, and they’ve been hard at working continually adding features.


You can try it all for yourself at or read below for their list of new features.

New languages

In this new version, we have introduced, for the first time, new foreign languages, besides English. Now, YoubeQ users can also choose either Portuguese or Spanish.

New vehicles

The new youbeQ enables its explorers to travel around the world with 13 different vehicles, from cars, motorcycles, to military or civil planes and even more means of transport such as the jetpack.

New Places

In order to help the travelers exploring the earth, we’ve pre-selected the 157 most interesting places around the world where they will be able to see other travelers exploring these areas with them.

Make miles to unlock

The new youbeQ is developed in order to entice the user to run more and more miles. The users who travel more, will be rewarded by unlocking new vehicles and places associated with each of them. The more miles you run, the richer the experience becomes!

Global chat

There is also a global chat where users may exchange opinions and tips about interesting places and other knowledge.

VOIP Call feature

Whenever you add another traveler as a friend, you may activate the voice connection with him. This allows you to have a completely immersive experience while you explore the earth together.

Direction arrow

If you click on the map on the left side (2D), you may add a destination. On the exploiter, you’ll see an arrow that shows you the direction to follow in order to reach the destination you selected. This destination can also be a user and can follow him while he is moving and you are exploring the map together.

Progression Score

The more vehicles you gather and the more unblocked places you get a better score. This together with a complete profile will contribute to improve your score, estimated between 0 and 100%.

New sound engine

The new youbeQ also brought a new sound system that will increase the immersive experience you obtain when you explore the earth.

New physics engine

The new physics engine of youbeQ is a complete revolution. It allows you to have vehicles with separate components (for example, the wheels of the vehicles and lights). In a near future, collisions between vehicles will be a reality.

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  1. This site requires log in to Facebook. If you don’t want to do this or want to see something more straightforward with broadly similar content, try the Travel by Drone site recently featured in the Google Maps Mania blog

    which is a global map portal to HD You Tube videos shot from cameras on board tiny quadri-copters or other UAVs providing some amazing aerial imagery, plus some way out audio tracks. Not Google Earth based, but prompts thoughts about the future.

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