Google to release Street View imagery in Greece

greeceWhile Google has published Street View imagery for an amazing collection of countries around the world, one they’ve never covered before is Greece. That is set to change, potentially tomorrow (June 5).

Thanks to a tip from GEB reader ‘Konstantinos’, we’ve learned that Google has invited select people to an event announcing the new imagery, where presumably details will be revealed and the imagery will be pushed live.

The story of Street View in Greece goes back for years. Street View cars first appeared in Athens in April of 2009 but the Greek Data Regulator rejected Google’s license application, demanding from Google more details. Four years letter (November 2013), they finally announced that they received all the necessary details from Google and they gave the final OK, with the license plates and faces to be erased from the maps.

You can read more on the Greek blog Insomnia (read it translated into English) to learn more.

Thanks for the tip, Konstantios!

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  1. At last! I’ve been waiting for years for this!

  2. Andreas says:

    Great! 🙂

  3. Greece is now uploaded but only in Maps. Nothing to see yet in Earth

  4. Street View for Greece is now in Earth, at least when browsed from the UK. It looks good, and coverage of the mainland and Crete is extensive, though understandably sparser in rural and mountain areas, but there is little or nothing on the other islands.

    • Correction – wrong selection of islands checked. larger islands such as Corfu are covered 🙂

  5. Andreas says:

    Very beautiful update! I love it

  6. Still waiting for Austria, Luxembourg and the completion of Germany

  7. They need to cover Central America. Was waiting for Greece a long time, I believe all of Europe is street viewed now.

    • The whole of Europe is not in Street View.

      Among countries not covered are: Albania, Austria (in progress), Belarus, Bosnia, Cyprus, Luxembourg (in progress), Macedonia, Malta, Serbia, Moldova, and Turkey (part in Europe) for reasons which are usually self-evident. There is partial coverage of Germany (certain large cities only), Russia, Switzerland, and Ukraine. Some islands like Guernsey remain to be covered, and some countries such as France have main road coverage only in some rural areas, like the Google cars ran out of time.

      It can all be checked out in very full detail in Wikipedia

  8. What about Street View for Cyprus? When we will be able to see it?

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