Creating a NavDoc of Philadelphia

esther-ivarEsther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum from 250 Miles are trying to create a NavDoc of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this year and they need your help. They explain the word “NavDoc” as follows:

Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum, operating under the name PolakVanBekkum, invented the term NavDoc for their project “250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia,” which will be executed in the second half of 2014.

For those who do not know, you can make movies in Google Earth! The NavDoc that PolakVanBekkum will be producing will solely run in Google Earth. This feature is mostly used for presentations about geography-related events. PolakVanBekkum use it, amongst other media, for a more poetic visualization of their work.

It’s a great idea and a very ambitious project. You can follow their progress on

Via Philly

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