Police working on a “live Google Earth” to monitor small areas

While it will be a long time before we see a live version of Google Earth, as Frank recently explained, there are some places where small scale real-time imagery is starting to come out.

The most recent example is in Compton, California, where they can monitor a 25 square mile area for six hours at a time thanks to a company called Persistent Surveillance Systems(PSS).

persistent surveillance animation

PSS attaches high-resolution cameras to aircraft that fly around and stream the imagery back to the ground. You can learn quite a bit more about it in this video or by reading this blog post on Gizmodo.

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  1. TheBigOne says:

    It’s absolutely SICK that so many Americans are praising Congress to spy on us. When it was Bush in charge it was the Muslims and now that we have Democrats in charge it is the citizens that are the problem meanwhile the international bankers laugh their way to the bank as they fund both political parties.

    This is just like what the bible prophecy that nobody wants to read says. They really DO want to go the route of putting the computer chip in you’re brain so you will be monitored from cradle to grave.

    Look up Fabian Society and see what I mean. I am done now and it’s up to you the readers to fill in the blanks as I am not going to babysit and deal with being name called so go ahead and ban me for going against the socialist movement.

    It only makes you look more stupid.


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