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The perspective from Google Earth can change the way you see things

It’s a common joke that when people first open up Google Earth and can explore any place on earth, they first go and find their own house. We’ve all done it. However, even viewing your own house in Google Earth can be a great experience, as it provides a perspective that we rarely get to see.

When I took my first flying lesson 20 years ago, I remember flying over my home town and simply being lost. It was a small city and I’d lived there for years, but the perspective took me a while to grasp. A recent post on Distractify shows famous landmarks from a wider perspective, which makes many of them seem quite different.

A great example is this photo of the Pantheon of Rome, as seen from inside the McDonald’s across the way:

Another good one is this photo of The Alamo in Texas, as seen from above:

Some of the sights are certainly eye-opening. Check out their full article to see them all.

Which is your favorite?

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