Google Maps of recent Ebola and MERS Outbreaks

We’ve shown you many of the great stories from George at MyReadingMapped over the past year or so. He creates excellent maps to help explain global issues.

His latest is regarding the recent news about the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone, and all the 2013-2014 activity in regard to MERS. He has a great Google Map of the spread of Ebola outbreaks from 1976-2014 and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Outbreaks.

ebola map

For more, he also has maps on Severe Ache Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Mad Cow Disease and the U.S. Meningitis Outbreak of 2012.

Great work, George!

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  1. MyReadingMapped recently changed from a blog to a .com, so here is the new URL for the Google Maps:

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