Mapping Flight MH370 in Google Earth

As the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues to baffle those searching for it, tools such as this crowdsourced effort to scour satellite imagery are helping in the effort.

Along those lines, Stefan Geens at Ogle Earth has put together some impressive maps to try to narrow down where the flight may have ended up.

flight mh370 path

Through a combination of information from the Malaysian government, satellite data from Wikipedia, Malaysian military radar data, SkyVector and other sources, he’s put together an impressive KMZ file that helps compile all of that data into a single location. You can read more about Stefan’s work over on the Ogle Earth blog.

Taking it further, Keir Clarke at Google Maps Mania points us to an interesting map from CBC News that showcases dozens of planes that have gone missing without a trace in the past 50 years. As rare as events such as flight MH370 are, they’re certainly not unheard of.

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  1. Perhaps the disappearance of flight MH370 was a dry run for a future assassination? Could a Stuxnet like virus have taken control of all electronic systems fooling system displays? The time the virus activated could have been 12 minutes before the Co-pilot signed off OK GOOD NIGHT. Stopping oxygen to the cabin would buildup CO2, causing increased drowsiness on a late night flight. Rising to 45k ft and depressurizing the cabin would have caused death by cold and suffocation. Descending quickly to 25Kft was just overkill to make sure G Forces finishes off anyone still alive. It would also cause a negative pressure in the cabin assisting the planes flooding when in the Ocean. Using navigation point the virus directed the plane to the deepest part of the Indian Ocean. When the fuel was close to empty the virus could have dropped the plane to lowest speed and altitude the apply air breaks and reverse engines dropping the plane flat on the Ocean with minimum damage. Lowering the landing gear half way and deploying the air turbine before impact with the water would help it sink quickly by puncturing the body without expelling baggage etc. This Virus would require an exact copy of the 777 systems to build and only useful for 777’s. If true this would be an act of true EVIL, something the world is known to have too much of.

    • you need to relax brother.

    • 1. You cannot remotely re-program an aircraft’s navigation systems. Period. They are programmed with that flight’s waypoints by the crew before each flight. Before you bellow out your come-back, no there are no options would allow someone else to take control from somewhere else, such as on the ground. So no planted virus is possible – unless put there by the equipment manufacturer.
      2. The pressurisation valves and doors do not allow negative pressure to exist in the cabin – that’s automatic in the hardware design, not manually set or controllable.
      3. Oxygen is not pumped into the cabin. The cabin’s altitude is maintained at an internal altitude by the engines constantly pumping air into the cabin and the actual pressure being controlled by pressure outflow dump valves.
      4. Dropping the plane flat on the Ocean would incur MAXIMUM damage, not minimum. Try jumping off the highest diving board you can find into the pool below, and try to land flat on your stomach (hint: have someone else waiting to drag your stupid unconscious ass out of the water).
      5. Go learn something, observe something, be a professional, earn some respect, get a life. And stop spouting nonsense about things you know absolutely nothing about.

  2. If you want to get a good look at all the published MH370 possibilities, combine Stefan’s KML file above with MyReadingMapped’s Commercial Aviation Crashes 2011-2020 which plots more of the theories speculated in the news.

    KML file:

    Google Map:

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