Amphitheatres around the world

We enjoy the work of the folks over at Google Sightseeing, as they post some excellent stories. We’ve shown you things such as fake buildings, roller coasters, hockey and many other interesting posts from them over the years.

Their latest post from Kyle Kusch tracks down amphitheatres around the world using Google Earth satellite and Street View imagery.

Hollywood Bowl amphitheatre

They look at a wide variety of amphitheatres from across the globe, and I encourage you to check out their full post here. You can also grab this KML file to view them in Google Earth.

A fun side note from the article: The Hollywood Bowl, seen above, was one of their very first posts nearly nine years ago.

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  1. MrTriforce says:

    Thank you for mkaing Google Earth Blog. There is another site that is similar but they make it as difficult to comment on as possible and seem to have a “Don’t care” attitude.

  2. Google’s Amphitheatre KML file contains only 19 amphitheatres. If you want to see a lot more in either Google Map or Google Earth KML files, check out MyReadingMapped’s maps of Ancient and Other Ruins of Africa, Asia, and Europe at.

    There are lots of them in Tunsia.

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