Exploring New South Wales, Australia in Google Earth

The New South Wales (Australia) Government has just released a new product they’re calling the NSW Globe which compiles a ton of information about the state into a single, powerful KML file. The goal of the site, according to NSW minister for finance and services Andrew Constance:

The tool allows users to find out more about their property or local area, and provides access to historical information including aerial photographs of Sydney from the 1940s, as well as flood maps from places like Bourke, Moree and Wagga

Inside the KML file you’ll find the following:

  • Imagery (medium and high resolution aerial, satellite both government and private sourced)
  • Additional imagery (1943 Sydney Historic, Emergency Services)
  • Terrain data (25m DTMS, 5m DTMS, LiDAR and SRTM various locations)
  • Places (e.g. population centre, suburb, other places)
  • Boundaries (e.g. coastline, local government, localities, electoral state and federal)
  • Roads (e.g. arterial road, minor road, other)
  • Rail (e.g. railway line, railway station)
  • Addresses (property and address)
  • Land parcel (e.g. lot and deposited plan, property boundary, labels)

For example, here is a shot of Sydney using the 1943 imagery:

sydney 1943

It’s quite an impressive product and it provides an amazing amount of information about New South Wales. Check it out for yourself at globe.six.nsw.gov.au.

(via TechWorld)

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  1. Worth noting that Queensland has had their own similar “Queensland Globe” product for a while now – http://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data/queensland-globe

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