Viewing the polar vortex in Google Earth

For those of you shivering in the United States, you may have read that a “polar vortex” is to blame for the shockingly low temperatures.  For a new look at that phenomenon, the folks at NOAA have released some amazing imagery of it.


Josh Williams, who we’ve shown you before with the excellent site, has put the images into KMZ format so you can view them in Google Earth.  You can download his KMZ file here, or read a bit more on the NOAA Science on a Sphere Facebook page.

Great work, Josh!

(via +Josh Williams)

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  1. MrTriforce says:

    Why are they making names for this cold? It used to be called *Artic Outbreak or *Siberian Express!”

    In the old days it was simply known as a *Cold Wave!”

    I saw on a news archive in the 20s of a major cold spell where the US Weather Bureau had tons of Cold Wave warnings for the entire Eastern Seaboard

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