New Google Earth imagery – January 9, 2014

It appears that Google has just pushed out a fresh batch of imagery! Thanks to sharp-eyed GEBs reader ‘Munden’ and ‘Andreas’ for letting us know about it.


This imagery is already in Google Maps as well, making it more difficult to spot the fresh areas.  If you think an area might be fresh, check the historical imagery time slider for that area; if it’s not in there yet, then it’s probably new.

Some of the updated areas include:

  • China: Lushun
  • Germany: Schwedt
  • Greece: Volimes
  • Japan: Aomori
  • Slovenia: Ljubljana
  • Spain: Cadiz, El Puerto de Sta Maria
  • United States: Arizona (Flagstaff, Chinle, Sedona), Arkansas (Fordyce, Sheridan), California (Ramona, Valley Central, Camp Pendleton North), New Mexico (Farmington), North Carolina (Charlotte), Tennessee (Knoxville, Sevierville, Maryville), Texas (Dallas, Houston), Utah (Escalante, North Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo), West Virginia (Green Bank, Woodstock, Luray)

If you find any other updated areas, be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. FYI: Woodstock and Luray are in Virginia, not West Virginia. Green Back, however, is in West Virginia.

  2. The kmz is updated now.

  3. Well, that escalated quickly 😀
    Thanks Google!

  4. Imagery release is pulished on January 2, but kmz update yesterday.

    In Ukraine new imagery for Sinelnikove, Pripyat, Lozova, Berdyansk, Noviy Bug

  5. Poland – pomeranian voivodeship

  6. In Albania 3 areas got updates:
    1) Elbasan (7/30/2013),
    2) Shkodër (7/31/2013),
    3) Himarë (7/30/2013).

  7. The KMZ shows another update in NE Wisconsin, which was updated on December 5. I see nothing new in Marinette, so it must be in the historical imagery. Also, I don’t know if it has anything to do with this update, but the “new type” of 3-D imagery has appeared recently in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, MI, as well as Ft. Wayne, IN. I think I’ve looked at Grand Rapids since December 5, and didn’t notice anything new until yesterday. I suspect Lansing, Jackson and Flint are coming soon.

  8. No olympic updates!

  9. In Bolivia: Cochabamba is updated

  10. Boston, MA is updated
    Providence, RI is updated

  11. I think Cardiff, Wales has been updated as well.

    • The July 2013 imagery for Cardiff was included in the 17 October 2013 KNZ and extended as far north as Presteigne in mid Wales, but the release of batches of new imagery and KMZs was sometimes confusing in 2013 (as noted in GEB) and could be missed. This ‘history’ can be seen by checking ‘previous updates’ under ‘latest imagery’ in the layers menu if the automatic update KMZ service is requested from the GE Gallery.

  12. Sir can you please post 2014 images of india.. faridabad area

    • This website has no control over what Google Earth updates or doesn’t. They just tell people when there is new imagery out, among other neat things.

  13. Vincennes,Indiana

  14. Auwalbalaaminu says:

    Sir can we have new images/update of nigeria. The current one years out of date.

  15. Philippines, Quezon City is not updated yet

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