New 3D imagery in Tokyo and other Japanese cities

Google has just pushed out another update to their 3D imagery, this time focused on Japan with the addition of Tokyo, Chiba, Sendai and Kanagawa.


As we’ve seen with each new city that has been released, the quality is continuing to creep upward.  While the street level views aren’t yet where they need to be (I really hope Google finds a way to bring Street View imagery into them), they’re continuing to improve:


Google has hundreds of cities covered by the 3D imagery, and they are stunning when viewed from the air.  They’ve been integrated into the new version of Google Maps as well (not to mention the desktop and mobile versions of Google Earth), so I expect Google will continue to expand and refine their coverage as time goes on.

For more, you can check out this article on the Google Asia Pacific Blog.

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  1. Bucharest, Romania also in 3D

  2. Paris has also 3D imagery since december

  3. This official Google Earth page gives a complete list of places with 3D imagery

    However there may be more in Maps than Earth – one example is Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK covered in Maps but not listed in Earth.

  4. Szombathely, Hungary is in 3D!

  5. Bryce canyon – Utah is in 3D

  6. There must be something wrong with people in Google, if they think that this s### is better solution than user generated 3d models!

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