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Eric Stitt has been using Google Earth to track genealogy for a long time, and has just started up a new blog that focuses exclusively on that — Genealogy Through Google Earth.  His ideas are pretty solid, and here is where he’s coming from:

We all know that Genealogy and Family research doesn’t always happen in your back yard. We can’t just get in the car and drive across the states to visit the old homestead, and I know I’ll be camped out in line when we figure out time travel. But what if you could visit that old homestead or scroll back in time when your neighborhood was an old farm field, Google Earth can do that.

Eric has been posting for a long on Genealogy by Eric, and plans to continue to do so as he starts writing on the new site.  His basic plan is to “start out describing how I use Google Earth in my family history and then move towards sharing more advanced features”. He has a couple of posts up there already, and it should provide an interesting look into a new use for Google Earth.

Check it out at

Nice work, Eric!

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