Exploring MetLife Stadium, home of the Super Bowl, in Google Earth

With the Super Bowl coming up in a few days, Google has created a variety of tours of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.  Because that area doesn’t yet have “3D Imagery”, the model of the stadium is still the “old” style and is remarkably sharp and includes 3D goalposts and many 3D objects (such as trees) around the stadium.


While you can certainly fly there and check it out for yourself (searching Google Earth for “MetLife Stadium” should take you there), Google has created a handful of Google Earth tours to help show it off.  The files are fairly simple, but do a nice job of showing off the stadium.

To make the files easy to grab, they’ve uploaded them to a special Google Drive folder.  Inside you’ll find four tours, each available as either a KML file (for use in Google Earth) or an MOV file to watch directly in your browser.

For other (American) football resources, check out Google’s list of all 245 college football stadiums, a great look at the Dallas Cowboys stadium, or a simple game of football that you can play inside of Google Earth.

(via +Google for Media)

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  1. Good for American football fans, but I wonder if other GEB readers feel that not much has been happening in Earth or Maps so far in 2014 – for example the last post in the ‘official; Google LatLong blog was about Santa’s sleigh ride on 24 December.

    • PS …. Street View did, however, arrive in Slovenia today, and worth taking a look 🙂

      • PPS … on cue LatLong has a 31 January post about the Slovenia Street View and updates in selected areas throughout Russia.

        • But … at the moment the new Street View in Russia is not operative in Earth or Maps, although previously published areas like Moscow seem OK.

          • Seems to be all OK now – 300,000km of Street View in Russia is an amazing addition to Google Earth, see Soviet era townscapes and the changes since, and visit the remotest parts of this huge country 🙂

  2. Leonardo Leidi says:

    BUENOS AIRES city in 3D!!!!

  3. Leonardo Leidi says:

    Also La Plata and Mar del Plata in Argentina. I am happy now waiting Street View!

  4. Slovenia and East Russia now in Street View!

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