Awesome Google Earth image of Mount Everest from NASA

We’ve talked about Mount Everest quite a few times on Google Earth Blog.  Natural formations such as mountains and volcanoes tend to look stunning in Google Earth, and Everest is no exception.  In the past we’ve shown you a panorama from the summit, a map of the ice on the mountain, Street View imagery from it, and last year we commemorated the 60th anniversary Sir Edmund Hillary’s historic ascent.

The NASA Earth Observatory has just put out an image of the mountain that is simply awesome.


The image was actually captured back in 2011, but it’s a stunning look at the mountain.  You can read more about the image here, or grab this KML file to view it directly in Google Earth as an image overlay.

For more, check out the main Earth Observatory site to see some of the great new items they’ve been publishing.

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