Visualizing redevelopment using Google Earth

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia has plans for a major redevelopment of 330 acres.  While the plans are still in progress, Brian Wheeler took advantages of Google Earth to add some great context to his recent story about the plans.  He simply took the proposed plans and created an image overlay of them in Google Earth, as seen here:


You can download a copy of his KMZ file here to see it for yourself.  As for his reasons why he chose to use Google Earth to help show the plans?

Whenever I see someone looking at the Strategic Investment Area map when it’s projected, they ask where exactly that is in Charlottesville. Google Earth to the rescue! Even works great on my tablet using the Google Earth app.

Be sure to check out his full article on the Charlottesville Tomorrow site to learn more.  Great work, Brian!

(via +Brian Wheeler)

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  1. I love the overlapping of images on Google Earth, I think it is a great tool for urban planning. where not only important investment projects, but the environment in which they develop. and if we use skepchup to model it in 3d .. brilliant!.

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