Using Google Earth to display knowledge

Over the years, the vast majority of the files we’ve showcased for Google Earth have been focused on adding more detail about our planet. We’ve seen a few others, such as Matt Fox’s overlay of the moon and Mars (before those became official features), but today’s file from Jose Sanchez-Cerezo de la Fuente is a different take on things.

Jose has designed a map of human knowledge that is displayed on Google Earth using a massive image overlay.


His goal is to use this method to showcase a wealth of information — as you zoom in on each area, the data would become increasingly precise.  Here’s a video that shows a bit more about his thoughts:

He dreams of this concept being used to organize vast collections of information.  With the proper code (likely via a combination of image overlays and network links), it’s certainly very possible.  For now, you can check out his rough idea by viewing the video above or loading this KMZ file into Google Earth.

Nice work, Jose!

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  1. Interesting. In past years we’ve similarly experimented with projecting video action/keyframes onto the facets of spheres (and other shapes) to similar clickable and zoom-able effect: .

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