Taiwan from Above

Steven Ho has done some great work with Google Earth over the years.  He’s shown us tours of mountaineering trips, a panorama from the top of Mount Everest, a tribute to Steve Jobs and much more.

A friend of his, Chi Po-Lin, has created a documentary titled “Taiwan from Above“.  Steven has taken the amazing aerial trips from the documentary and recreated them in Google Earth.  Specifically, Steven says:

I used two windows – one in, one out. The GPS route I got from Chi, which he made one day in 2008. This trip started from Puli, then flew to Central Mountains , Yushan Mountain, Sun Moon Lake and then back. It is a 240 km long, 1 hour 32 minute flight time trip.


You can read more about it it on Steven’s blog, or try it for yourself using the Google Earth Plugin on this page.  The plugin version has varying levels of success depending on your browser, so you can also download the KMZ files to load them directly in Google Earth:

Great work, Steven!

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