The flight of Asiana #214 in Google Earth

Back in July, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash landed on final approach to San Francisco International Airport.  While three were killed in the crash, the other 304 passengers thankfully survived.  The folks at Flightradar24 have taken the data from the plane’s transponder and analyzed the final 2-1/2 minutes of data from it.


In their words:

We have analyzed the last 150 seconds of data from flight ‎#OZ214. It looks like the ADS-B transponder continued to transmit data for about 10 seconds after the first impact. You can also see that the altitude increased after the first impact, when the aircraft bounced up in the air. The ground speed in the last seconds of the flight was only 112 knots.

You can read more about it on this Google+ post, or grab the KML file to view it directly in Google Earth.

Updpate: Sent in by a GEB reader, you can also download this KMZ file that adds the “ideal flight path” to the file and tweaked the track so that viewers can ‘fly’ along both flight paths using the Touring feature of Google Earth.

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