Bonnie & Clyde in Google Earth

Despite happening 80 years ago, the crime spree of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is one that continues to live on throughout the years and is the subject of an A&E miniseries that begins this weekend.  To help add context to their real-life exploits, George from MyReadingMapped has built out a detailed map of their crimes from 1932-1934.


The map includes details and photos from dozens of their crimes, using a handful of sources to place all of them.  From his site:

Some of the plotted points in this map are the actual locations, while others represent the general area. Bonnie’s good looks catapulted them to headline news and all the press exposure seem to escalate the violence and their bravado. Resulting in several shootouts with police and harrowing escapes that the press loved to write about.

For more, check out the full article on MyReadingMapped, the large version of the Google Map, the KML file for use in Google Earth, or the A&E page with details about the upcoming miniseries.

Great work, George!

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