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Imagery from Typhoon Haiyan

As they often do after major events around the world, DigitalGlobe has begun pushing out a large amount of imagery from the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

In addition to the image above (which can be found on the DigitalGlobe blog), they’ve been adding quite a few stunning shots to Getty Images.

Taking things even further, DigitalGlobe is enlisting your help to attempt to map the devastation:

In support of such efforts, DigitalGlobe has activated a crowdsourcing campaign, open to anyone willing to help, which volunteers can join here. For this campaign, DigitalGlobe will be releasing the crowd produced results to the open source community. For your knowledge, this has been one of the most challenging Tomnod campaigns due to the sheer magnitude of damage.  But within the first few hours DigitalGlobe had 27,000 map views and over 35,000 tags from volunteers!

It’s quite an undertaking, and creating this map will prove to be incredibly helping in the coming days and months as the area works to recover from the devastation of the storm.

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