Finding the “faces” hidden in Google Earth

Over the years people have discovered landforms that somewhat resembled faces in Google Earth.  Frank showed us a great example back in 2007, and Google Earth Hacks has dozens of them in their database if you search for “face”.

Now a program written by the German design studio Onformative is scanning the entire globe to try to find more of them.


Explained in an article on the Daily Mail:

The Google Faces tracker scans the satellite images from Google Earth using a computer algorithm. When it detects an area of land that appears to look like a face, the features are highlighted and the coordinates are sent to the design team in Germany to record its location and take a screenshot of the hidden face.

The scanner has covered the entire planet a few times, but each time it scans it zooms in a bit further and takes longer to search everywhere.  All in all, it does a good job of finding obscure faces on our planet that might have otherwise been missed.  Check out the full article on the Daily Mail site to learn more about this project.

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. Robert Allan says:

    Ah, does someone at Google Earth think it’s funny to have “Custer’s Last Stand” icon contain the comment “whites lose.”? It’s bad taste and definitely moronic.
    Hope this helps.

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