Using Google Earth to find locations for TV shows

location-managerThe Independent recently posted an article that explores the difficult yet essential job that TV show “location managers” have. Finding the perfect spot for a particular scene can be a major challenge.

The position requires many different tools, including Google Earth.  From the article:

Another useful tool of the trade is Google Earth, says Breaking Bad’s [Alex] Gianopoulos. “If I’m looking for swimming pools or parking-lots, then Google Earth is priceless,” he says. “But when I need something like an ‘Exterior two-story house, with little to no bushes in front, near the Vamanos Pest [the fumigation company in Breaking Bad]’ location, the best way to do it is to walk up and down every street in the vicinity.”

“Google Earth?” muses [Nick] Marshall. “Funnily enough, it’s actually very useful if you’re looking for parking.”

The swimming pool part of that brings back memories; back in 2007 Frank posted about a pool cleaning service that used Google Earth to find potential customers.

Google Earth certainly has a lot of uses, and this is a great example of one that most people don’t think about.  Check out the full article for yourself over on The Independent website.

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