Uncovering crime using Google Earth

Over the years we’ve seen Google Earth used to track down crimes a number of times.  It’s been used to track down illegal marijuana growing, track crime in Bangalore, reconstruct crime scenes and even potentially help solve a murder.

The latest story comes from Mississippi, where a man thought he discovered an illegal shooting house in the woods near his home via Google Earth.  When the man and his son went to explore, they discovered a stolen SUV!

There are mixed reports on exactly what happened, but according to LifeChangingTechnology, the SUV was stolen from this very man seven months earlier.

Based on various news reports I’ve found, this is possibly the image in question:


You can explore the area for yourself using this KML file. I’m not convinced that is the exact location, but it seems reasonably likely.

You can read more in this link on LifeChangingTechnology or in this report from FOX10tv.com.  If you think you’ve found a more likely candidate for the location in Google Earth, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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