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Uncovering an ancient Greek “strip mall”

Archaeologists in Greece have uncovered an ancient portico in Argilos, which likely would have been a busy market and somewhat reminiscent of a strip mall today.

The imagery for the area (seen above) isn’t great, but gives you a general idea of the area.  Future imagery updates should be more revealing, as the imagery will likely be sharper and the excavation will be further along.

While the original article doesn’t pinpoint the location, the map on the Argilos site gets us much closer.  I’ve added that location to a KML file that you can download if you’d like to view it in Google Earth.  Along with the screenshot above and the related pin in the KML file, you’ll find another excavation location up the hill a few hundred meters to the northwest.

Perhaps most interesting is what may be coming next:

The researchers say they have good reason to believe they’ll find more in future dig seasons: A 10-foot-deep (3 m) geophysical survey showed that there are more layers of ruins underground.

Check out the full article for yourself to learn more.

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