Places affected by the US Government Shutdown

Last week we showed you some ways to view U.S. National Parks on Google Earth during the U.S. Government shutdown.  With the government still not back in order yet, this map of “Places affected by the 2013 U.S. Government Shutdown” from MyReadingMapped is quite handy.


It’s a very comprehensive map, showing hundreds of locations that are directly affected by the shutdown.

In the words of George, creator of the map:

On one hand this map shows you just how large the government has grown. On the other hand, it shows just how much of government regulates and/or services the needs of business. Thus, you can see how much influence big business has in intervening in government, to get government to intervene in business, to the advantage of the politically influential business over its competition, consumers, taxpayers, employees and small business. Thus, your job and income are entwined in how big government has grown either because your employer intervened in government on your behalf, or because it services a government program, or because your employer sells product and services to the government, or because your customer works for or sells product and services to the government. Or, because your employer receives a government subsidy, bailout or tax break. We have the world’s largest economy in part due to the fact that we have the world’s largest government.

You can view the map on their site, directly on Google Maps, or in Google Earth by loading this KML file.

Great work, George!

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