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Fake buildings in Google Earth

The folks at Google Sightseeing do an excellent job of finding interesting items on Google Earth that many of us have overlooked.  A recent article from Kyle Kusch is a great example of that, as he … [Read more...]

More about Saroo Brierley

The story of Saroo Brierley is an amazing one, which we first told you about back in March of 2012.  When he was young, Saroo become separated from his family at a train station in India and found … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to find locations for TV shows

The Independent recently posted an article that explores the difficult yet essential job that TV show "location managers" have. Finding the perfect spot for a particular scene can be a major … [Read more...]

Five tools to make Google Earth more useful

Over the years we've shown you a wide variety of add-ons that can be used with Google Earth to make it more useful, and TechRepublic has recently posted a list of their favorite five. Their list … [Read more...]

The Science Behind Fall Color in Google Earth

With the coming autumn comes the changing of the leaves, which can be stunningly beautiful in many places. has created a page that explores The Science Behind Fall Color and … [Read more...]

Excellent property and data visualizations in Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing tool to visualize trends and growth when it comes to real estate.  In the past we've shown you some tools that use historical imagery to show how things have changed, such … [Read more...]

New premium features for Rally Navigator

Earlier this year we told you about Rally Navigator, a great program that helps rally riders create "ridebooks" to assist them in their events. They've recently released a premium version with … [Read more...]

The best roller coasters in Google Earth

Growing up in mid-Michigan, a popular destination for short family vacations was Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  With tons of huge roller coasters, it is an amazing place to visit. Because of the … [Read more...]

Places affected by the US Government Shutdown

Last week we showed you some ways to view U.S. National Parks on Google Earth during the U.S. Government shutdown.  With the government still not back in order yet, this map of "Places affected by the … [Read more...]

A Google Earth Exercise for Biblical Geography

Google Earth has long been a popular tool for religious study, as it helps provide a geographical context to the area being studied.  Frank first showed off some Bible Geocoding tools more than six … [Read more...]