Recent new imagery in Google Earth

Google has just pushed out some fresh imagery.  Thanks to GEB reader ‘Munden’ for letting us know about it.


The updated areas include:

  • Dubai: The Palm Jebel Ali
  • Egypt: Cairo
  • Iran: Tehran
  • Slovenia: Ljubljana
  • Syria: Damascus
  • Thailand: Bang Duan, Pratuchai
  • United States: Idaho (Boise, Moscow, Bonners Ferry), Minnesota (Hibbing), Montana (Kalispell, Glacier National Park), Oregon (Pendleton), Washington (Pullman, Pasco)

These updates are already available in Google Maps now too, making it difficult to spot other new areas.  Hopefully Google will update official imagery updates KML file soon with details.  However, that file has been a bit spotty lately, making imagery updates much more of a guessing game.  GEB reader ‘Chris’ shares his thoughts on that:

The GEB post of 25 May seems to tie up with the KML of the same date (the last one sent out for quite a while),  the post of 8 July with the KML dated 7 July (now shows Coventry UK which I recall was not the case earlier),  and the post of 23 July with the KML dated 22 July,  so it’s the 5 and 19 August KMLs/updates which seem to have slipped by unnoticed.  But what was perhaps a mess for a while now seems to have been tidied up.

The latest new imagery [as of last week] includes good high res on the northern and western margins of the West Midlands conurbation in the UK,  also along the River Dee estuary in the UK,  plus around and to the south of Konstanz in Switzerland,  and plus similar in large patches of Montana,  Oregon,  and Washington,  US.

Between the sets of “missing” updates along with what Munden has found today, there is certainly been a lot of fresh imagery added to Google Earth in the past few months.  Go explore and check it all out!

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  1. There’s new 3D Imagery too – check Lleida, Spain.

    If Google isn’t going to provide an up-to-date catalog of this stuff some should!? hint. hint.

  2. Just a PS – if you receive imagery updates from Google, at the moment the ‘latest update’ in the layers pane shows as August 19th 2013, and opening ‘previous updates’ shows the one for 08-05-2013 which seems to have arrived by stealth.

  3. United Kingdom:
    Huge part of the southeastern part of the country. Hastings, Eastbourne along the coast to Dover up back around to Sheerness and then down back south to the coast again. Huge section.

    • The good quality is welcome – not the very highest res but crisp and naturally coloured – taking advantage of the fine weather this part of the UK enjoyed in July 🙂

  4. er, two things. One, just so you know, Google Maps was already updated this morning sometime so you can only find updates now by seeing if the default image appears in the history. If it’s missing, it’s almost certainly an update.

    Secondly, the UK update actually goes over just past Gravesend, but it skips Rochester for some reason.

  5. ah, and the UK update goes as far north as Brentwood, but it also skips Southend-on-Sea and the area there. Perhaps they wanted to keep older imagery because it’s higher resolution? regardless, these will probably show up in the history when that eventually becomes available.

  6. China:
    Fenghuocun (Wuhan)
    Hefei (Anhui)
    Beigangcun (Guangzhou)

    Some of these images are only barely a month old.

  7. Gent, Belgium! 🙂

  8. The Damascus imagery is from September 1st, 2013. That’s super duper recent.

  9. USA:
    Idaho: Lewiston
    Washington: Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Gold Bar, Kennewick, Monroe, Walla Walla, Yakima

  10. Belgrade, Serbia updated

  11. Cristian Ronban says:

    Madrid, Spain (At least Moratalaz neighborhood), but images are from 8/2011. Prior images were from 3/2007

  12. Michael Anastassakis says:

    GREECE: At last new imagery of Arcadia and Messinia areas in SW Greece including the town of Kalamata. The imagery is from October 2012 and shows the new A7 motorway. Previous images dated from 2003!

  13. Martin Chabot says:

    Mont-Tremblant, Canada (at last!) 🙂
    Not the clearest image but at least it’s been updated. The rest of the Laurentides area from Sainte-Adèle to Mont-Laurier badly needs new imagery…

  14. Ulsan, South Korea

  15. Fresno & Yuba City, CA

  16. malta 15 april 2013

  17. A KMZ dated 6 September has arrived/is available, showing the updates noted in these comments, plus more.

    • Another date was also added to the KMZ on 6 September, dated 2013-06-25 (probably covering some of the areas missed on the previous update and the other dates that were added at the same time).

      • To see the 25 June update you have to check previous updates and then check ‘2013-06-25’. The update boundaries it shows are not included with those of 6 September.

        • I know where it is, that’s how I’ve seen it…
          But if you use a download manager that preserves file dates, you can see that 06-25-2013_Imagery_Update.kmz was uploaded to Google servers on September 6. It wasn’t there before. It just adds to the updates that went previously unnoticed back in July and August.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.