Excellent 3D model of Don Valley Stadium in Google Earth

Over the years we’ve seen many amazing 3D models of stadiums in Google Earth.  The massive Cowboys Stadium is very impressive, and Old Trafford Stadium was remarkably well done.  For pure detail, though, this new model of Don Valley Stadium may beat them all.

SkechUp user Tom Doubleday is the man behind this work.  He’s built a number of other models (many of which can be found in Google Earth), but this stadium is simply amazing.

His model of Don Valley Stadium isn’t yet available in Google Earth, but you can download the files from the 3D Warehouse.

Main Stadium – Details | KMZ

Grandstand – Details | KMZ

There is an old model in Google Earth, so you’ll want to hide it (or turn off 3D buildings completely) to get a clear view of his work.

Great job Tom!

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  1. The real stadium won’t be there for much longer! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-24277289

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