Likely Syrian missile targets in Google Earth

With the increasing threat of military action by the United States against Syria, has mapped out the 36 locations in Syria that are most likely to get hit by a US missile.


The locations are primarily chemical weapon sites and air bases, along with some military installations.  Along with their Google Maps view of it, you can also view the data in Google Earth to get a different perspective on it by using this KML file.


Things are certainly getting tense in this situation, and I expect we’ll see many more maps produced to help explain what’s going on.  If you come across any that are particularly compelling, please leave a comment below and let us know about them.

(via Google Maps Mania)

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  1. archangelmichael2 says:

    Wow! I am surprised the NSA isn’t shutting this blog down for that map as during WW2 information even in the US was hard to come by.

    Heck they wouldn’t even allow weather reports unless a significant condition was happening as they feared it would be used to the enemies advantage.

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