More great Google Earth resources for teachers

Last month we shared some great tips for you on how to use Google Earth in academic settings as the school year was kicking off.  Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has taken it further and launched a new site dedicated to this area called  The site offers registration and login features (which may be of value to you), but it also allows you to choose “guest” to just hop in and try it out for yourself.


The site offers a few directions for you to choose from:

  • Six ‘core’ introductory video tutorials to help you get started if you’re a newbie
  • Four extra video tutorials, also suitable for beginners
  • Advanced Resources – for those with advanced Google Earth skills

Beyond that, Rich offers a few additional tips:

  • Practice using Google Earth. You won’t get much out of the videos just watching them.  In particular, I recommend you read our thoughts on how to understand the options available in Google Earth, and then follow some tips on how to navigate effectively through Google Earth.
  • Complete the multiple choice questions, they’re there to help you track when you’ve lost concentration a bit and need to revisit the tutorial (you need to register to do this).
  • Print out the ‘cheat sheet’ which has text notes to help you practise in Google Earth

You can read more about it on Rich’s site, or go try it out for yourself at

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