Google publishes Crisis Response map for Boulder, Colorado

Similar to maps that Google has released in the past for places like Alberta and Moore, they’ve just published a Crisis Response map to assist with the flooding in Boulder, Colorado.

You can view the map online here, or grab this KML file to view much of the data inside of Google Earth.


The map includes information about area shelters, road closures, weather advisories and more.

If you’re in or near the affected area, this is a valuable resource to have access to. ¬†You’re also encouraged to visit the Boulder Office of Emergency Management, City of Longmont Emergency Information and the Colorado Department of Transportation sites for additional information.

The team behind does some amazing work, and I was fortunate enough to meet a few of the people behind it when I was at the Where Conference last year. ¬†Learning more about what they do was eye-opening, and they continue to release valuable resources like the one we’re showing you today.

(via Google Maps Mania)

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  1. Watching this all unfold from the my home in the Palmer Divide region of Colorado is just heartbreaking. In 1965 there was massive flooding that occurred here that flooded the entire way down the Plum and Cherry Creek drainage basin all the way into Castle Rock and Denver. Then there was the Big Thompson flood in the ’70’s. The scope of this huge amount of moisture this late in the season is truly amazing and scary. From fires to floods this year, it is one for the record books. The infrastructure and homes destroyed will take months, if not years to repair and rebuild. No one immune from unpredictable mother nature. There are a ton of resources out there now to keep people informed.

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