The best of Google Earth for September, 2013

September was a great month for Google Earth, with many new things to discuss and show off.  Here are some of my favorites: looked at some of the most likely missile targets in Syria, if the United States ever decides to take action.


If you find any data errors in Google Earth, here are some quick tips on how to get them resolved.

Rich Treves launched a new site with more great Google Earth resources for teachers.

We looked at some stunning before-and-after images in Google Earth.

We shared a neat collection of “tri-bridges” that we came across in the Google Earth Community.

We uncovered a long list of plane wrecks in Google Earth from the folks at MyReadingMapped.

Peter Olsen built an incredibly accurate 3D simulation of the July 2013 train accident in Spain.

We posted a quick and fun tip on how to embed your Google+ posts directly into Google Earth.

We showed you a bunch of “things that look like other things“, thanks to ‘Diane9247’ in the Google Earth Community.

We looked at Tom Doubleday’s excellent 3D model of Don Valley Stadium.

What was your favorite Google Earth story from September?

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