Meograph launches interactive storytelling

We’ve mentioned Meograph and their “four-dimensional storytelling” a few times on the site, and they’re back again with more great features.

Today they’re announcing (PDF) the release of their interactive storytelling feature, bringing live Facebook profiles directly into multimedia content. From their release:

Now Facebook friend tagging is deeply integrated into Meograph’s creation and playback experience. In addition to creating stories out of video, audio, photos, text, and links, Meographers can add visual, clickable tags of Facebook friends. No other multimedia creation platform offers this type of engaging, socially viral product.

With this capability, organizations and their storytellers are able to incorporate live visual links to social profiles embedded right within their stories. The tagged friend is notified and gets a Facebook wall post that links to the story, an image from the content, and a list of the other people tagged. Letting people know they are part of a story being told massively increases virality of the content. This is timely as the age-old art of true, lasting storytelling adapts to the digital, social era.


It looks to be a smart new feature for the site, as the meographs created by users are typically social in nature, so connecting it with Facebook should be a great move.  If you’ve not used their service before, head over to and give it a shot.

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