Konut shows off amazing 3D construction projects in Turkey

The people that brought us 3DLocationEarth a few years ago are back with a great new project called 3DKonut. They’ve created the models on the site to show off a variety of construction projects in Turkey, many of which are then linked up on the construction companies own website such as the icon you’ll find on MesaKartall.com.

As you can see from the images below, the models are amazing and very highly detailed.

Check it out for yourself at 3DKonut.com.  The site is in Turkish, but you should be able to click around enough to explore what they have to offer.

All told they’ve created more than 8000 models that can be found in the 3D Warehouse.  While those models won’t be natively used in Google Earth as much in the future, custom uses of the Google Earth Plugin like this will continue to be a great way to show off their excellent work.

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  1. What a fantastic idea. After looking at their site I plan to create a simliar website to showcase my companies projects.

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