Archives for August 2013

DigitalGlobe now has 4 billion km2 of imagery in their archive

Without the company DigitalGlobe, Google Earth would not be nearly as compelling as it is.  As we discussed last year, DigitalGlobe is responsible for much of the imagery that you find in Google … [Read more...]

Sunken ships in Google Earth

A recent article by Mark Fillman of Ocean Cruises featured shipwrecks that then linked to various sites, but it only showed a handful of shipwrecks that can be found in Google Earth. There are far … [Read more...]

Meograph launches interactive storytelling

We've mentioned Meograph and their "four-dimensional storytelling" a few times on the site, and they're back again with more great features. Today they're announcing (PDF) the release of their … [Read more...]

Walk through a Street View-powered corn maze

Earlier this year we showed you a collection of corn mazes that were viewable in Google Earth, but none of them allowed you to actually explore them via Street View. Thanks to Kyle Giesbrecht of … [Read more...]

50 years since the March on Washington

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to look at various MLK-related items we've seen in Google Earth … [Read more...]

Tracking the Rim Fire in Google Earth

The "Rim Fire" in the western United States has expanded greatly after hitting Yosemite National Park, spreading in a massive blaze of over 125,000 acres. InciWeb has some amazing maps of the fire, … [Read more...]

Burning Man 2013

We've discussed the famous Burning Man event quite a few times in the past (2011, 2010, 2007, 2006) as Google often features aerial imagery from the event in Google Earth.  In fact, by using … [Read more...]

Exploring the moon in Google Earth

While hundreds millions of people have used Google Earth over the years, many aren't aware of some of the great things it can do.  One of those is the ability to explore our moon, which is an … [Read more...]

Google adds a variety of animal parks and zoos to Street View

Google has just pushed out another major update to Street View, this time adding imagery from a variety of zoos and animal parks around the world. The list of updated areas … [Read more...]

Viewing “ecological disintegration” using Google Earth

Last year we showed you the story of how California's Department of Fish and Game was using Google Earth to track down marijuana fields to help avoid problems with local rivers.  Kevin Franck at … [Read more...]