Tracking the Tour de France in Google Earth on Android

As he’s done in years past (2012, 2011), Dennis at has built some great tools to help track the Tour de France in Google Earth.  However, this year he’s added a new way to track the event with a very full-featured Android app.  The app includes detail from every stage of the 2013 Tour, and uses Google Earth to help showcase the event.

Here are some screenshots from the app:

The app costs a few dollars, but is likely well worth if it you’re an avid cycling fan. If you just want to check out the routes for free, you can always view them on his site.

You can download the app for your Android device from this page on Google Play. Nice work, Dennis!

In addition, Google has partnered with the Global Cycling Network to provide information, commentary, fly through’s and much more for each stage.  You can read more about it from this post on the +Google Earth page, or watch the video below for a sample:

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  1. jonahrf says:

    Why did they remove NEW STREET VIEW IMAGES in Connecticut, I was waiting for 3 1/2 Years and they were only up for seconds.

  2. GEB readers will probably get most value from viewing the ready prepared tours for each stage of the race available on the Cycle the Alps site. Creation of these tours is an achievement and a boon to race followers as ever, but this year there is no control over the speed, orientation, or eye altitude of a tour, and progress along the race route is a little jerky

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